We are getting quite popular.

As photographers, that is. Got an impromptu shoot tomorrow with Chris’ little cousins from Europe, as well as maternity shots next week for another member of Chris’ extended family. Not to mention our pending family picture dates with the Aubreys, Holzes (Melody? Is that the plural of your last name?), and Bests. And then we’re going to have to go on hiatus from taking and editing pictures to go take and edit our own on our Hawaii vacation.

Tonight we’re working on pictures from Kayla and David’s wedding on July 17th. We’ve been playing around with some softer effects, which is definitely new for me, as I tend to go very sharp and contrasty. But it’s also super fun trying out some new stuff, even if trying to maintain the style all the way through is proving quite difficult.

I’m still working on my set (I take a lot of pictures), but Chris has finished his and is now setting up his most recent blog to showcase. His pictures are amazing. I really truly love that we share this passion together- it really makes spending hours and hours going through pictures so much better when there’s someone next to you doing the same thing. And it never hurts when you look up to find him looking at your screen in admiration at whatever photo you’re on. 🙂

Anyway, if you want to see some great wedding pictures (especially the first one- I pretty much fell in love with him all over again when I saw that first one), check out my almost-husband’s latest blog. (And, yes, that is a new blog site he’s using- read his previous post about breaking up with blogger to find out why he switched.)


Wait a minute… wasn’t she just six years old?

Yes, yes, she was.
Little Kayla, Jenafer’s younger sister, whom I still can’t believe isn’t six-years-old anymore (granted, I was twelve during her six-year-old-ness), had her bridal shower on Sunday. Holy cow! She’s six!
Okay, okay, so now she’s 20. But still. 
I told her it wasn’t fair that she, being a whole five years younger, was getting married before me, and she just hugged me and said, “Think of it as if we’re getting married at the same time!”
All right, fine.
So Kayla’s shower was adorable. And she was adorable. And Jen was adorable for organizing it.

Also, Jen’s amazing at wedding stuff. Like this ribbon bouquet she’s already got good to go for the rehearsal. I’m so glad she’s on my side in all this wedding business. 🙂
Kayla was pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. She was so stinking excited about everything. And just adorable about every single gift. For instance, this picture here:

She pulled her new pan out of the bag and exclaimed, “This is my everyday pan! I will use it everyday!”
And then made that face. 
I can’t handle the cuteness.
Happy bridal shower, Kayla Deyling!

Mandy Anne Cordelia gets married

Mandy is one of my favorite people, and roommate from 2005-2007. She is seriously the most awesome person you could possibly hope to meet. 

The ‘Anne Cordelia’ part is not actually her name. It’s a nickname given to her by the Master of Nicknames, Sonia-Monique-Saenz-Breuninger, and is a reference to Anne of Green Gables. Because Anne always wanted to be named something romantic like Cordelia, and Mandy always wanted to be just like Anne of Green Gables. So Mandy Anne Cordelia was born.

Over the years Mandy Anne, Sonia, and I have had many discussions about boys. From all the way back in the day to the Cobblestone apartment, when we stayed up late waiting for Sonia to get home from her first date with Paul Breuninger, to the Rancho apartment, when we all received copies of Captivating, to when we were no longer roommates and we were meeting at Starbucks at 9:30pm to hear all about this David guy from Minnesota. It’s been quite a ride.

Yesterday Mandy’s dream came true in the form of her wedding day. And the event was pretty true to who Mandy is: orange accent sashes on the bridesmaids, Indonesidan food, a letting-the-bird-fly-out-of-a-wicker-basket-while-carrying-a-spear-for-show tradition, the father/daughter dance where both Mandy and her dad were attempting jump skips, and, after the final song, when everyone stood in a circle around them, Mandy announcing, “We did it! It’s over, and it was awesome, right?”

I love Mandy.

It was hard to get a good shot at the wedding, so I’ve only got this one: the triumphant “We did it!” before walking down the aisle.

And I managed to catch warrior-Mandy out in the foyer, pre-bird tossing. I didn’t get to ask what tradition this is, but you should all know that Mandy grew up as a MK in Indonesia. So maybe that’s where they carry spears and throw birds from baskets after a wedding? Anyone Indonesian out there who can clear this up?

And then we’re on to the reception. Chris and I sat at a table with Sonia and Paul, Jenna and Mallory, Dr. White (our English professor in college) and his wife, and Glen and Ashley (from camp).

And my baby sister was there! Now that she’s all grown up, she keeps getting invited to the same events as me. Which will be a little weird when those events become bachelorette parties (her best friend was at Mandy’s!), but for now it’s just weddings and New Year’s parties, so it’s cool. She and the rest of the girls in Mandy’s small group were helping out as servers all night. And then she got down and boogied like the fresh-faced college student she is. 😉

Mandy’s wedding cake, which she described on Wednesday as, “The cutest thing you’ll ever see- it’s got elephants!”

I would’ve thought for sure that at Mandy’s wedding there would be some cake smushing, but nope. Tame as always. When is someone really going to get into it at their wedding?

The garter! They played Mission Impossible while David “searched.”

The girls weren’t so into catching the bouquet (which Mandy threw directly to her sister! Rigged!) But the boys? They were out for blood.

And then the dancing got crazy!

One of the bridemaid’s bouquets.

At the end of the night, for the last song, we were asked to gather in a circle and hold hands while David and Mandy danced. (That’s my sister on the left. She’s always on the lookout for me pointing my camera at her.)

Crazy Mandy running around the circle for high fives. David’s just along for the ride. 

The last dance. Pure joy.

And the only picture I got of Chris and me all night. Sonia snapped this while we waited for Mandy and David to make their run for the parking lot. The OSF looks so good in dress clothes.

And the final picture, what would be my picture of the day if I was continuing it in 2010 (haven’t decided yet). Our official roommates-at-a-wedding picture. Three down, two to go. Who’s going to be next, Jordan or Jenna? 😉

Lizzie and Brad get hitched

So Lizzie asked me back in March or April if I’d help out taking pictures at her wedding, first for the guest book pics, and second as a back-up to the actual photographer, a girl from our church named Katherine. Of course I said yes; there’s nothing better than getting to take pictures at a wedding without the stress of actually being the real photographer!

(Sidenote: I could probably never be a wedding photographer. I’m pretty sure the stress of having someone’s wedding pictures in my control would be way too much for me. I’m happy enough taking backseat pictures.)

But the very first thing I thought of when Liz asked me was, “Excellent! There’s a fun wedding picture project I’ve been wanting to try!” (See link for project original.)

Lizzie was not impressed with wedding picture projects. “Do whatever you want,” she said. “Just make sure to focus on the guest book pictures.”

I assured her I could do both. In fact, the guest book pictures where what I needed for my little project anyway. She still didn’t sound enthused.

Well, the project came out 10 times better than I expected; hopefully Lizzie will finally understand why I wanted to try this so badly– it turned out so darn cute!!!

If only I could have gotten Liz and Brad against the same backdrop as everyone else, it would have been perfect. They were just too busy with the whole getting married thing to come out for a mini photo shoot. Oh well.

Since I was outside taking guest book pics for the forty-five minutes before the ceremony, I didn’t get too many pre-wedding pictures other than the couple here of Liz’s shoes, and her bridesmaids doing some last minutes primping.

How cute are those fans? The church has no air conditioning, so the fans were a major necessity to making it through that ceremony- for everyone involved, not just the bridesmaids. 🙂

Here’s some of the test shots Brittany (my co-guest book photographer) and I did with our fun brick wall background and the fans.

Getting ready to go in…

The ceremony!
It was so hot in there, I couldn’t handle it; I went back out to the foyer to grab shots of little things like the basket full of fans for the guests, the picture of Liz and Brad that everyone was signing, and the guest book itself. And since I was already out there, I was in a prime spot to catch the newlyweds coming out the door.

Reception time! We all headed down to the Lakeside Community Center (Britt and I stopping at McD’s for 79 cent cokes along the way- did I mention it was HOT and we were DEHYDRATED?)

Here’s some fun shots of guests, family members, and our gang of friends enjoying the appetizers before the wedding party arrived.

Jarrod and I. Look at him with his stylish new glasses!

Jesse and Lily. Jesse talked with me at length about the myriad of problems that could be possessing the White Demon. He’s such a great friend.

Virginia with the newly-turned-one Lucy Goosey! If you can’t tell, Virginia’s about to have a kid herself; it’s hard to tell because she’s so stinking little and cute still!

DJ Jarrod rocking the tunes.

Ryan Poole… posing for a picture?

This is one of my favorites: Can’t you just see the thought bubble over Lucy’s head? “Get your own cracker, buddy.”
Weston Stecklair, Cassie Labbe, and- look at that!- David Stuckey jumped into the frame too!

The wedding party arrives; looking stylist in sunglasses and rocking out as they are introduced. Here we’ve got Nathan and Genisee, who I’m sure were probably the most fun couple out there.
Jessica and Mikey wait to make their grand entrance, with flower girl Gwen waiting in the wings.

Lizzie was just the cutest bride ever. She just had this goofy smile plastered on her face for the entire reception.

The flowers…

More Lucy. (I can’t help it- she’s too cute not to photograph!)

Jess and Gwen at the wedding party table.

Genesee and Brandi.

Michelle, Lizzie’s youngest sister, and Bethany, one of her good friends. (Can I just say it really makes me feel old that I’ve known Bethany since she was in fifth grade? And I was in my last years of high school at that point?)

And finally, what wedding is complete without the circle of dancing high school girls? Complete with a younger cousin in pink trying to keep up and looking adorable in her Mary Janes.
And that was Lizzie’s wedding. Well, what I saw of it anyway. I had to leave right before the first dance to make it to Mandy’s bridal shower in time…. which I still haven’t blogged about….

Coming up next: Mandy’s bridal shower!

Here comes the bride!

We spent all day Saturday playing scavenger hunt with Sonia for her bachelorette party. Her clues kept her finding bridesdmaids up and down Orange in Coronado, from the park with the gazebo (me), to the hardware store (Zaneta), to the Starbucks (Jeannette and Krista), to the library (no one), to the pet store (Liz), and back to the park. Along the way she collected not only her friends, but the little trinkets of wedding wear seen here:
She loved it. Don’t let her “I’m not sure about this, guys,” face fool you. She loves being the center of attention. Right, Sonia? Sonia….?

I’ve got about a gazillion (read: 275) pictures I took in RAW and need to sort out, but for now I think these few tell a good part of the story of our Saturday. After the hunt, we went down to the beachside of the Hotel del (read: FREEZING!) to take turns getting photos with Sonia, and then we finally headed to dinner at Miguel’s, one of my absolute favorite restaurants with the best chicken strips ever. 

From there we headed to Jeannette’s for some good ol’ fashioned slumber partying, complete with pillows, cheesecake, sour patch kids, and presents. Unfortunately, these are the kind of presents we refer to as unmentionable, so we’ll just skip that part. Um, and the next part. So then… wait… nope, can’t talk about that either. Let’s just say eventually everyone headed off to lullaby land, with the exception of Sonia and me; we stayed up till three a.m. catching each other up on life and love and all the sorts of things roommates usually talk about late at night. Or at least the stuff we used to talk about late at night. 
So congratulations to Sonia, who gets married next Saturday (!) to her best friend Paul Breuninger. Can’t wait to celebrate with them!

Blushing Bride

But we’ll leave out all the reasons for blushing from this bridal shower because, well, some girl things should just be kept secret. And I think more guys faithfully read this blog than girls, so really, they don’t want to know what goes on at these kind of things.

Let’s just say we had some fun at Sonia’s bridal shower on Saturday.

These pictures consist mainly of Sonia, Mandy, and myself. For those of you who don’t know, Sonia is my very first non-sibling roommate ever, and Mandy was our housemate that year. Then we switched rooms and Mandy was my second roommate, until we joined forces with Sarah and Jenna over at B22. You can read about our many, many adventures on the old blog

We really loved being roommates.

I like how Mandy’s eyes always look so amazing in pictures. Roommate, you’ve got good eyes.

Yep, that’s a rock on Mandy’s finger now, too. It’s just Jenna and I left now!

So she had fun. And there were minimal embarrassing moments. Just the way she wanted it.

After that, Jeannette and I tagged along for her first dress fitting, and sheesh she looks cute in her dress. Even if was still too big, because Sonia’s the tiniest thing ever. I got some really great pictures at Alfred Angelo’s, but because I know Paul checks my blog every once in awhile, I can’t post them here. Sorry, Paul! You’re going to have to wait until May 16 with everyone else!