Picture recaps

We tried on our rings the other day. I love that Chris is so excited to finally wear his.

Becky did an AMAZING job crafting our rehearsal dinner invitations!
Chris did a remodel of the bulletin board, this time will all our loose wedding paraphernalia.
Wedding party gifts, wrapped and ready to be given!

Picked up my dress from David’s Bridal on Friday night. It’s amazing. I forgot how much I was in love with that dress until I tried it on again after alterations. The things so big though, the only place to keep it is hanging all awkwardly in Chris’ closet. Don’t worry- he’s not going to peek. I tempt him on a regular basis and he flat out refused to look at it before the 20th. 🙂

Working out some kinks for our photobooth. This was taken around 9pm against the garage door. With a gigantic outdoor spot light.

Bachelor(ette) Day

Today is Chris’ bachelor party day. Which means I am a bachelorette for the day.

Basically this means I can eat whatever I want, watch whatever I want, and do whatever I want. Sometimes it’s so pesky having someone else to plan activities around. Am I right? Married people? 😉

I ate lunch when I felt like it.

I watched NCIS, Season 7, Disc 1 when I felt like it.

I did wedding planning stuff when I felt like it.

My theme for today was “relax, but still accomplish some stuff.” I slept in. Lounged for a bit. Got ready. Went to the store to get some snacks (i.e. Pepsi Max and german chocolate cake because I can), hung out with Jenna for a bit, hung out with Aaron for a bit (since he is just two doors down now), ate lunch, read some blogs, worked on our candy buffet decorations, studied some math, watched some NCIS, tried to convince my mom to get her hair done for the wedding, (tried not to argue with my mom about getting her hair done for the wedding), made labels for our candy buffet, took a long hot shower, and began studying transformational geometry. (Somewhere in there I ate the german chocolate cake.) And now I’m taking a blogging break.

Mmmmm. It’s nice being a bachelorette for a day.

Maybe I miss him a little.

Moving on!

I’m really excited with how the labels for our candy bar turned out. I was a little over the decorations earlier today when I wrapped the jars in yellow ribbon. (It’s really hard to wrap round objects with linear objects.) I almost decided screw this! I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to. It was my idea anyway! And then I pictured Chris coming home and asking me why the only wedding planning I did all day was wrap ribbons around jars and eat german chocolate cake while watching NCIS. So I got my behind in gear, grabbed my handy dandy crafting supplies and got to work.

They came out waaaaaaaaaay better than I’d expected. I printed out the word labels on white circles surrounded by yellow squares, then cut them out with my 2″ round punch, keeping just enough yellow to give the circles a border. Surprisingly, I only had to do two test prints to get the right size. From there I used my Slice (which is working again, thank you very much, Making Memories) to cut out 2.5″ flowers from the yellow geometric paper I designed (isn’t it cute? Maybe someday I’ll be a famous scrapbook designer).

And… now it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming of CSET studying.

Tuesday was an emotional roller coaster.

It really was. First my car broke down again. Chris had to come rescue me at the school’s Old Town office. I started crying when he came to get me. I hate that my car just randomly dies on me. It makes me nervous to drive, and that’s a sucky thing to be nervous about. I hate that Chris had to take time out of his work day to come get me, even though I know he didn’t mind.

(I also hate the bill for fixing my car, which my wonderful pre-husband took care of without batting an eye. I love my pre-husband.)

Then there was family stuff that Chris and I talked about on the ride over to Goodyear. And I cried again.

Then we got the bill, and I told myself I would not cry.

Then on the way home, Chris said, “This’ll cheer you up.” And he pulled out our brand new, just printed, beautiful, wonderful guest book from the backseat of his car.

It was really beautiful and wonderful. Chris designed it, and while I at first gave him a hard time for all the extra work he was putting into it, I’m so glad he went with the inspiration. It looks amazing, and I know everyone’s going to love answering the prompts we picked for the pages.

Then we got back to Chris’ and made dinner together and talked about more family stuff and I was getting all emotional again, until Chris came downstairs and instructed me to close my eyes, that he had a surprise. I did. When I opened them, he was holding his phone in front of my face, with this picture on it.

And seriously, how can you be sad when you see this cutie in her flower girl dress? This is the first time we’re even seeing it in real life, and it looks awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

After that was a great chat with Sarah. Let me tell you something: Sarah and Chris video chatting is the best thing ever. I generally try to catch it on my own webcam, sneakily facing my laptop screen toward Chris and his computer because he just gets so darn funny and animated when he’s talking with Sarah.

In fact… I just went back through some of my funnier videos of “Chris Chats with Sarah,” and I decided maybe I’d whip up this little piece for the general amusement of our viewers at home.

Mmmmm… that makes me feel better.


We are packing up to wazoo over here. And over there. At both of our places. In the hopes we will have a place to move into by the end of this month.

We’re still not sure if the whole house is going to work out for us, but we know God’s going to work out something for us eventually. And if we have to live at Chris’ condo with roommates for awhile, so be it! At least we’ll already be packed when it’s time to go to our own home!

Mail Call

Okay, so now that we’re less than 50 days out, this whole wedding thing has started getting pretty exciting. For instance, we now have really fun mail on a regular basis. Yes, they are in the form of RSVPs, but you look at our awesome logo and tell me you wouldn’t love seeing five or six of those postcards in your box everyday.

We (read: I) make a game out of it too. Either Chris grabs the mail on his way in or he hands me the key when he gets home and I throw some sandals on to go get it myself. Then we keep them upside down until Chris pulls up our guest ledger, and begin flipping them over one by one to see who’s coming. So far, I feel I’m kicking Chris’ butt in RSVPs from my side, but he points out that there are still a LOT more blank spaces on his to fill.

We’ve filled up about half our expected spots- now comes the point where we find out if we sent out way to many invites than we can comfortably seat!


Spent an evening in the garage together. Chris showed me how he perfectly cuts and mounts pictures onto foam board for the most professional look possible. Our poster board pictures look awesome, stored in the garage with the rest of our yellow and gray stuff.

While Chris went on to another project, I took out all my collected apothecary jars, some old boxes, and tissue wrap from Michaels to structure my beloved candy buffet. Isn’t it going to be fabulous? 🙂