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So… I moved the blog to WordPress last year to try out a new platform. Plus, according to my blog I was out of space to add any more photos. I thought I would love WordPress–we use it for our business website and it’s pretty easy to use. That’s the paid version, though. The free version has been pretty difficult to work with. The templates are pretty boring, and it’s very hard to move anything around. And you can’t even change the fonts or colors!

A few days ago I discovered that Blogger had significantly upped the amount of storage space, so I shifted the blog back! And, yes, while I was at it, I figured a new name was in order. If you’ve been following the blog here, go check out the continuing saga at



Valentine’s Day 2015: What I Love

Here are some random loves of mine right now:

1) Chris! (Okay, not so random.) Love that guy! We went and had our Valentine’s dinner date on Thursday night because neither of us want to go out on actual Valentine’s Day with all the other people. We went to Bo-Beau in La Mesa and had a lovely meal and drinks: pork, mashed potatoes, and a mule for him, salmon, lentils, and a Tokyo Tea for me. Tonight we’re going grocery shopping. And maybe we’ll bring back some sushi and make our own drinks here. Or maybe we’ll just watch a movie and work on our laptops. We’re open.

2) Fitbit! Sooooo glad I got this for myself for Christmas; it’s seriously a game changer for me. I haven’t had it long enough to see any real weight loss yet, but it is making me so much more aware of how much (or little) I’m moving, walking or otherwise. Most weekdays, I’m able to get to 7,000-10,000 pretty easily from walking around my classroom all day, but man, weekend days at home are ridiculously low. And, since I’m using it to track my calorie intake, too, it’s way more motivating for me not to eat an unnecessary amount of food on those home day, since I can see how little I’m exerting. Crazy cool. Crazy motivating. Crazy easy.

3) Elise Joy’s podcasts! I’ve followed Elise for awhile now, and I even dragged Chris down to a craft thingamajig downtown several years ago because she’d posted she’d be there on her blog. So wish I had gotten over myself and told her how awesome she and her blog were, but I was too shy. 😦 Anyway! Elise has been putting up creative podcasts for awhile now, and they’re my new go-to at the gym during weight lifting. Currently listening to one on affiliate programs, as I type this. Loved the last one I listened to at the gym, where she interviewed a fiction writer. Man, it made me want to sit down and finish my book up finally! Maybe this summer? When I’m only prepping curriculum half the time?

4) Math = Love! Sarah Hagan is my new online best friend who doesn’t know I exist. Whenever I’m stuck for an idea of how to teach a concept or foldable ideas (or just want a laugh about the ridiculous things her students say) I think, “What would Sarah do?” Then I google the concept and her blog together and find something amazing. I’d guess a third of my Pinterest teaching items are from Math=Love.

5) Parks and Recreation! I am so sad the final season is almost over. This has become one of my all time favorite shows, and I can honestly say there’s never been a point where I thought they were running out of momentum or starting to shoot themselves in the foot (ahem, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Veronica Mars). The characters are all unique and ridiculous and just fun to watch, and why is it ending?! Why?! They’re releasing two episodes per week on Tuesdays, and I find myself trying not to watch them both at one to extend the time I have with this show.

6) My 8th graders this year. They are the sweetest, and I just adore them. They’re also really, really innocent for thirteen-year-olds, and that makes me love them so much more.

Happy Valentine’s, 2015!

Monday out


Today one of my lovely 8th graders brought us all flowers in the morning. Super sweet, and made me realize today would be great! Well, it changed my attitude toward Monday morning at least. Crazy how perspective can totally change your day. It was a bit rainy all day, so the kids were a bit on the stinker side at some points. Fingers crossed tomorrow’s nice and sunny!

Ten on Tuesday

1. Where in the world does all my time go? I just want time to sit and do nothing! (End of rant; if I let myself continue, it’ll take up the other 9 items.)

2. What we’re learning in class: In Math 8 (8th grade math), we’re in the middle of our statistics unit. We just learned about strong vs weak correlation, and we’ve moved from that right into estimating the correlation coefficient. Is it on the Common Core standard for 8th grade math? Not really… (though the CC standards are so vague it probably can’t hurt)… but it’s in our Connected Math books, and so we do it. My kids are doing wonderfully on it any rate. I’ve been baby stepping them toward the idea of guessing the strength of a scatter plot’s correlation with a sliding scale (as strong as possible, very strong, pretty strong, not very strong, etc.), so the jump to using numbers to describe the strength wasn’t too much of a stretch, thankfully.

3. What we’re learning in class: In Algebra, we’re finishing up our Properties of Real Numbers unit. It’s been a relief for my kiddos, who started out the year with a full blown unit on functions (including function transformations, sequences, recursive and explicit formulas, and all kinds of other crazy stuff that was never in Algebra 1 before Common Core). Today was gloriously beautiful, so we agreed if they could handle it, we’d go up to the lunch tables to work on the practice test. It was a wonderfully peaceful fifth module, and my kids found some random places to hunker down with their work (one girl balanced–for the whole module, mind you– on the metal handrail that leads down the stairs to the 6th grade classrooms. Wish I could post that picture, but the girls around her are facing the camera and recognizable, so here’s a farther away photo of the kids at the tables.



4. In business news, we have been ridiculously busy this month. October ended up being out craziest month of 2014, with I think 5 weddings total. We’ve still got 2 more to do before the month is out, so relaxing weekends (ha!) are definitely not happening around here. We’re looking forward to having most of December off, save a couple family shoots really early in the month.

5. Two weekends ago, we had a double header weekend, where we had a wedding on Friday, followed by a wedding on Saturday. This was the first ever time I’ve asked for time off at my school, and I’m still shocked I got the go ahead. Normally I don’t ask for time off for Friday weddings–Chris will just hire a second on those occasions–but this wedding was in Palm Springs, so it would have required us to pay a second shooter for a hotel night and travel costs. Way too much. So I was able to leave my lovely kiddos in the hands of a substitute, and Chris and I left Thursday night, stayed the night with his parents, shot a gorgeous wedding at the magnificent ACE hotel, crashed at his parent’s house again, and took off Saturday morning back to San Diego, going straight to the hotel where Bride #2 was getting ready. It was a whirlwind for sure.

6. And before I forget, we had the Amigo Booth for both of those weddings, and you know I love photo booths. 😉 I’ve already posted a few from the ACE hotel wedding, but here’s one from the Karl Strauss venue from Saturday. I was feeling sassy that night.




7. This picture. I die. That cat loves Chris way too much, to an annoying amount most of the time, where he has to be put out of the office so Chris can get work done (or play video games). On this night, Jack curled right up against Chris’ chest and just contentedly watched his human play.






8. I am really looking forward to fall break next week. Just two more days to go! I’ve got big plans to work ahead on my next few units, so let’s cross our fingers this actually occurs, yes? Breaks have a way of making you think you’ve got all the time in the world, then the Sunday-before-the-Monday-you-go-back comes out of nowhere and slaps you in the face.

9. Oh, yeah! Speaking of fall, we’re gearing up for our Fall Mini-Shoots soon. (Because we aren’t doing enough shooting already, right?) These are fun because they’re short and sweet and they bring out all our fave clients who want Christmas card pics. Win for everyone!

10. We did my sister’s engagement shoot on Saturday. The night before, I literally had a dream that she was only four-years-old. But look at her, all old and marriable! Just a few more months till the #davisidos!


Four years.

Today one of my 8th graders asked who my best friend was. “My husband!” I said. (Obvi, As the 8th graders say.)

Who else is going to cheese ball around with me like this?

Or this?


Four and a half years ago he asked me to marry him, and I said yes with absolutely no hesitation. He is my amazing best friend, my scruffy faced hotty. The only other person who cracks up with me every time  Blurred Lines, Royals, or Get Lucky comes on because we sing the Jimmy Fallon/Rashida Jones/Carrie Underwood Christmas lyrics instead:

I sure love that guy. We celebrated four years this week, and I think we’ll keep this BFF thing going for quite a while more. 😉

This week in 8th grade…

  • My last class surprised a birthday girl who came late by pretending to be deep in thought on the warmup when she came in, only to start playing Dora the Explorer’s happy birthday song insanely loudly over the speakers when she was about to take her seat
  • I left my purse in the Language Arts room at lunch. Twenty minutes into 4th module, one of our burliest 8th grade guys walks into my room, my purse swung over his shoulder, and waltzes through all the tables to deliver it to me. I didn’t even realize he had my purse till he reached me.
  • “I’m wearing a skirt today!” from a gymnastics lover who’s always pulling her leg over her head. She was taking a chance with skirts (totally remember feeling that way when I was that age!) and was feeling proud of it.
  • “I’m wearing a skirt today!” the other gymnastics lover who’s always pulling her leg over her head. Same exact same thing. Why are 8th graders so cute when they’re so pleased with themselves?
  • I asked for the gentlemen in my first module to pull down the empty chairs in our room (I have a half class there in the mornings), and on Monday a couple girls ended up just doing it themselves. One of the boys: “Well, they’re already getting it.” Me: “A real gentleman would take the chairs from them and say, ‘No, ladies, allow me.'” Every day this week, two of the boys have made sure to take down all the chairs before the girls get a chance. 🙂