We are getting quite popular.

As photographers, that is. Got an impromptu shoot tomorrow with Chris’ little cousins from Europe, as well as maternity shots next week for another member of Chris’ extended family. Not to mention our pending family picture dates with the Aubreys, Holzes (Melody? Is that the plural of your last name?), and Bests. And then we’re going to have to go on hiatus from taking and editing pictures to go take and edit our own on our Hawaii vacation.

Tonight we’re working on pictures from Kayla and David’s wedding on July 17th. We’ve been playing around with some softer effects, which is definitely new for me, as I tend to go very sharp and contrasty. But it’s also super fun trying out some new stuff, even if trying to maintain the style all the way through is proving quite difficult.

I’m still working on my set (I take a lot of pictures), but Chris has finished his and is now setting up his most recent blog to showcase. His pictures are amazing. I really truly love that we share this passion together- it really makes spending hours and hours going through pictures so much better when there’s someone next to you doing the same thing. And it never hurts when you look up to find him looking at your screen in admiration at whatever photo you’re on. 🙂

Anyway, if you want to see some great wedding pictures (especially the first one- I pretty much fell in love with him all over again when I saw that first one), check out my almost-husband’s latest blog. (And, yes, that is a new blog site he’s using- read his previous post about breaking up with blogger to find out why he switched.)


Tuesday was an emotional roller coaster.

It really was. First my car broke down again. Chris had to come rescue me at the school’s Old Town office. I started crying when he came to get me. I hate that my car just randomly dies on me. It makes me nervous to drive, and that’s a sucky thing to be nervous about. I hate that Chris had to take time out of his work day to come get me, even though I know he didn’t mind.

(I also hate the bill for fixing my car, which my wonderful pre-husband took care of without batting an eye. I love my pre-husband.)

Then there was family stuff that Chris and I talked about on the ride over to Goodyear. And I cried again.

Then we got the bill, and I told myself I would not cry.

Then on the way home, Chris said, “This’ll cheer you up.” And he pulled out our brand new, just printed, beautiful, wonderful guest book from the backseat of his car.

It was really beautiful and wonderful. Chris designed it, and while I at first gave him a hard time for all the extra work he was putting into it, I’m so glad he went with the inspiration. It looks amazing, and I know everyone’s going to love answering the prompts we picked for the pages.

Then we got back to Chris’ and made dinner together and talked about more family stuff and I was getting all emotional again, until Chris came downstairs and instructed me to close my eyes, that he had a surprise. I did. When I opened them, he was holding his phone in front of my face, with this picture on it.

And seriously, how can you be sad when you see this cutie in her flower girl dress? This is the first time we’re even seeing it in real life, and it looks awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

After that was a great chat with Sarah. Let me tell you something: Sarah and Chris video chatting is the best thing ever. I generally try to catch it on my own webcam, sneakily facing my laptop screen toward Chris and his computer because he just gets so darn funny and animated when he’s talking with Sarah.

In fact… I just went back through some of my funnier videos of “Chris Chats with Sarah,” and I decided maybe I’d whip up this little piece for the general amusement of our viewers at home.

Mmmmm… that makes me feel better.

Funny of the day

While I was flipping through the spiral notebook I use to jot down math notes in my CSET preparation, I came across a quote I had jotted down in the car one day.

Chris Trementozzi on Jordan singing Green Day’s American Idiot: 
“It just doesn’t work! It’s like Strawberry Shortcake trying to… to… push a kitten off a cliff!”

What I love…

1) So I’ve been blog lurking on ThePigBear for years now. Erin Cobb’s got all kinds of great stuff on there, and she has the cutest freaking kids on the planet. If you are a fan of cute kids + Glee, you need to watch the video on her latest post:

Oh, goodness. This makes me want to have kids as soon as I’m married.

(But don’t tell the OSF. He gets scurred about that kind of stuff. 😉 Cause we have a plan, and it does not involve getting prego right off the bat.)

2) Speaking of freaking cute kids, I found Chris’ yearbooks!  And wouldn’t you know who’s the most adorable pilgrim of 1989?

3) What else do I love? Our invitations! Chris got them from the printer today, and they are amazing! Tonight will be spent addressing, stuffing, and stamping!

4) And here’s one that I hate: LOST! I hate that show. Clearly the writers put no thought into any of it. They started off strong, wrote themselves into a corner, and made it all fluffy and “because that’s how it is” at the end. It’s like book 4 of Twilight all over again!

First Family Reunion

There is hot weather.

There is lots of food.

There are questions about wedding plans.

There are golf courses and resort rooms.

There are cousins.

There are many sleeping in hours.

There are extremely late nights.

There are alien movies.

There are balloons.

There’s marriage advice.

There’s secret meetings.

It’s glorious.

June 10, 2010

All these years of taking a bazillion pictures have finally paid off. Today, while I was browsing through some old photos, I thought, “Hey. Let’s see if I’ve got a picture from this day from any of the last few years.”
And as it turns out, I’ve got a picture for this day from the last four years.
Let me tell you. It’s pretty awesome to look back through some digital files and be able to say, “I knew exactly where I was four years ago.” 
I seriously need to get back into picture of the day mode.
But. Until then. Memory Lane?
Memory Lane.
On this day, in 2006, I was celebrating Gwen’s 7th birthday. (On Monday night, we celebrated her 10th.)
On this day, in 2007, I was getting ready to move out of my fabulous apartment, away from my fabulous roommates (except Jenna, who stuck with me). And Jenna and I stopped to take one last photo shoot in our amazing room, with our amazing three bed set up that we all loved. (Mandy belonged to the other bed, in case anyone’s wondering, but you can see here her mattress is already gone. I miss Mandy.)

On this day, in 2008, we were in the middle of the Great Couch War of ’08. Where we each brought home a couch that everyone else hated and than had to sell on craigslist. This was Jenna’s contribution, what we like to call the Not-a-couch. The Not-a-couch was scheduled to burn on what became known as Not-a-couch-burning-beach-bonfire night. It currently resides on our back porch. Still.

On this day, in 2009, the OSF gave me flowers because I was sick and he was leaving on a family trip and we had just started dating and we were all cute and mushy gushy like that. He happened to pick out a bunch of beautiful Gerber daisies, and I happen to think Gerber daisies are fabulousl, which was a happy coincidence.

And now here we are, today, 2010… and I had no picture. And it’s dark, so no good picture was going to be had. So I told the OSF, hey, get over here, we’re going to take a picture with my webcam!

And this is what I got***:

Love that guy. He makes me laugh.

Even though he wouldn’t take me seriously about my “but I always take a picture on June 10! I just found that out!” argument.

*** Disclaimer: That is NOT a hickey on my neck. It is a bug bite that happens to look redder due to the Cortisone cream I just used.. I have never had, nor do I intend to have a hickey. Even after I’m married. It’s just gross.

The Repentance Story of a Future Wife of a Designer

Get ready, people- this one’s gonna be sappy!

In response to my frequent blog rants about the difficulties of being engaged to a designer who likes to design and wishes to design many things and constantly talks about the design of our wedding (and our invitations… and our centerpieces… and our bridesmaid dresses… and my shoes…), my designer fiance has written a rebuttal on his own blog.

If you haven’t read it yet, you should. Among other things, he refers to me as a child with ADD. And calls me crazy. And something about the Easter bunny, which is really just ridiculous.

And while, yes, I maintain the fact that it is hard marrying a designer, I have also found the following to be true:

1) I love that Chris is a designer.
2) I love that he is creative and passionate and tries to incorporate both of those traits in everything he does.
3) This includes our wedding.
4) These are traits that I have always admired in him.
5) They are, in fact, the traits that first led me to him.
6) Would I ever want to change that about him?
7) No.

So in these last couple of weeks, as I have lamented the fact that Chris has opinions and wants to make our wedding awesome, I’ve also realized that I love him so much for it. Even when he’s driving me slightly crazy with “the big picture, all the time” and I just want to look at “the little picture, for now, please.”

Like he said, love is hard work. Sometimes you have to compromise. Sometimes you have to concede that the bridesmaid dress he picked out is pretty awesome. Sometimes you have to concede that you only bought those yellow shoes to get something accomplished that day. Sometimes you have to take a match and burn that damn Pantone wheel. 

Here’s the sap part:

I realized all this last Friday, as I was driving home from work. I was on the 125 in rush hour, and I was doing that thinking and praying simultaneously thing that you sometimes do when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Well, I was feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork, with real work, with the wedding… especially with the wedding, and with Chris, for wanting to put so much work into the planning and the details and the research and the… let’s just say it was overwhelming.

And then suddenly I wasn’t overwhelmed with all that stuff anymore. It was back burner stuff. Instead, I was hit with the overwhelming blessing Chris is in my life. How he makes me smile, and laughs at the same things I laugh at, and is content to sit for hours with me on our laptops, and appreciates beauty, and appreciates me, and works so hard, and feeds me, and takes care of me, and a million other things that just take my breath away when I pause to think about them.

He is amazing.

And to think that God’s given him to me, to stand beside me, and love me, and be my family, it’s just so incomprehensible that such a blessing as he is could be given to me.

And I’ll admit it. I was crying a little as I drove down that 125 in rush hour. And when he called me two seconds later with a wedding question, I blurted out, “I was just thinking about how much I love you!” And then everything was great.

So marrying a designer is hard work. And marrying a non-designer is hard work.

But I think we’re going to make it just fine.

OSF… revealed

I never got to the part of our proposal day where Chris threw me a huge surprise engagement party.

Basically, my wonderful, spectacular, challenge-accepting future husband decided that, not only was he going to make the proposal a complete and total surprise, but he was going to tell everyone important in our lives before he even did it, and still keep it a secret from me.

He is amazing. So’s everyone else. I can’t believe people knew for a month. My family. His family. Our roommates. Our best friends. Even my co-workers, who I am with every day, knew for a whole week before, and never said a word.

Really, it was freaking amazing that I was so completely in the dark.

This right here is a look of total and complete adoration. 
I give it to him a lot.
He really, really deserves it.

Us OSF’s, with the guy who started it all- Ryan!

Chris and his amazing sister Sarah- who also played a hand in giving us a kick start. (You know what I mean if you saw the slideshow. If not, stay tuned for a link to the PDF of the slide show!)

Chris and his wonderful mother!

Sisters at the engagement party- I know, I know, you’re all, “Who is that last person?” That’s my older half sister, Jacqui. She’s 9.5 years older than me, but we shared a room until I was 8. I always got stuck with the top bunk, which for some reason was in the middle of the room so that I almost got decapitated by the ceiling fan every night. (What were my parents thinking?)
Yeah, that’s what comes to mind when I think of my older sister. Good times like the top bunk. 🙂
And you all know the lil’ sis, Britt. She thinks she’s all cool right now because she’s just discovered that Jonathon Groff’s cool. Oh, baby sis. I tried to get you to come to Spring Awakening with us many times last year. I suppose all it takes is one of them to land on Glee for her to get on board with the cool things in life. 

That was a big digression. Back to the party.

This, sadly, was probably how I looked all night. Shocked. Flitting from person to person with no real meaningful conversation. Telling the story fifteen times. (“And then Zach Quinto came down the stairs! And then Chris was sitting all weird! And then I had a ring on my hand, and now here I am with you!)

Okay, this is my favorite picture of the night. These five people here have a tradition, you see, we’ve got a picture from each wedding related event we’ve gone through. Sarah’s. Mandy’s. Sonia’s. Hey, where’s Sonia’s? Sonia? I don’t remember now.
But here’s mine!
AND the best part is that right after I lamented how Mandy wasn’t here for my turn at the roommate picture, Sarah whipped out a picture of Mandy (and David, but whatever) for the group pic. Totally thinking ahead that one- and now I have an awesome roommate engagement party picture!

Another favorite, and this one requires back story too.
Once upon a time there were four guys. Three of them were named Chris. And the other one was named Kris. The Chris’ and Kris decided to all become best friends in fourth grade. 
As the years went by, they decided to start adding wives to their club. But poor Chris T. was stuck out in the cold for the longest time; he always made pictures asymmetrical with his lack of a female counterpart.
Then he met me and all was set right in the world of the Chris’ (and Kris).

Isn’t that a great story?

Here’s one of my best friends, Sonia, of whom I apparently have no roommates-at-a-wedding pictures. Seriously, how did that oversight happen?

Okay, get ready for some cute. This is Jessica, Chris’ cousin. You may remember her from Wii Boxing over the summer. She’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever.
And she’s going to be our most adorable ever flower girl!
Probably there won’t be any Wii Boxing demonstrations, but maybe if you ask her nicely she’ll show you her famous roundhouse run-in-place-and-punch-the-heck-out-of-the-air. 

My Woodman friends made it too! Michelle, Sandee, and Sandee’s husband came down to celebrate with us, and even brought us wine and awesome picture frames… because Sandee knows I like me some pictures!

When all the hooplah was over, and our guests had left, we went down to the restaurant area of our party venue and had a late dinner with Chris’ family. AND got to open up some neato presents from Chris’ mom: our first wedding planner and the Groom Book. 
PS: That Groom Book is hilarious.

Oh, yeah! I lured you all in here with a promise to reveal the OSF acronym! It sure would’ve been mean of me to forget that, for those of you who weren’t there for the big reveal at the party….

Yeah. Chris gave up the secret at our party. He had it in the slideshow he’d made for the night (which was AMAZING, but I can’t figure out how to link it here!). Imagine my surprise when I’m telling the engagement story for the eleventh time, keeping an eye on the sliding slides that I hadn’t seen yet, when he goes and REVEALS THE SECRET I PLANNED TO KEEP TO MY GRAVE. Or at least until our wedding. I was debating revealing it then. But Chris just went right ahead and told everyone.

But I know some of you weren’t there. So for the sake of your sanity, I will go ahead and not only tell you what it means, but give you the exact context of its origins… this is a Fabulous Life exclusive, people: the never before read original beginnings of Chris and Jordan’s friendship.

It all started on Facebook.

Chris Trementozzi January 16, 2009 at 1:17am
Hello Jordan! Ryan mentioned to me the other night that he showed you my little christmas gift, 365. Glad that you liked it. And no, obviously I haven’t met you, but I know OF you. Ry has spoken about you on some of your little outings and what not, and I have seen you in his facebook pictures. We should all hang out sometime! I am always looking for good and awesome new friends! What do you do besides hug exotic animals in the wild?

Jordan Peck January 16, 2009 at 1:06pm
Hey, New Friend!

Awww, that Ryan’s a good guy. He talks about you, too, so I wonder why we haven’t ever all hung out in one big group? We’ll have to change that.

What do I do when I’m not hugging exotic animals?… Well, right now I’m trying to figure out why my work e-mail won’t accept incoming messages and deciding what would be a fun thing to upload to Blurb so I can get a sample of how good their books are. I’m also putting off going to the post office. 🙂 When I’m not at work I’m either doing fun things with friends like Ryan or at home uploading pictures of the fun things we did.

I see you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, which means our friendship is officially solidified. 🙂

Chris Trementozzi January 16, 2009 at 2:17pm
Ryan is a very possessive and evil step-mother…he doesn’t let me out of the house much…I usually have to much scrubbing, cleaning and laundry to do…but one day I’ll get to go to the ball.

Ok, so I didn’t know what Blurb was…it’s amazing! At least it’s pricing is. Being as I design books and various other things for work and play, I was impressed. I am interested in their quality also, let me know what you get. Maybe you could let me see what you get?

Where do you work?

Your a HIMYM fan too!?!?! Ryan got me hooked a long time ago after like the 3rd episode he watched or something…Idk exactly, my memory is fuzzy. But I LOVE it! Barney cracks me up.

Be in touch.

Offically solidified friend,


Jordan Peck January 16, 2009 at 4:09pm
OSF (Officially Solidified Friend),

Who doesn’t like HIMYM? (Apart from those people who’ve never seen it and are living in ignorance.) Ryan never told me about HIMYM, but he claims after we all got hooked that he had mentioned it occasionally. My friend Justin kept bugging me to watch it, and then I housesat for him and he had seasons one and two, and I watched them both in one week. Then I stole them and made Brittany and our other roommate, Jenna, watch them, and now we are all obsessed. Marshall is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. 🙂

Blurb is awesome, right? I’ve been working on making a blog book, but it’s nowhere near done, and I wanted to see a test copy of one of their b&w books since we might be recommending them to a client of ours.

I work for a little consulting company called CTRG, but really I work for the owner, who just happens to be my friend Justin’s dad. I’ve known their family a loooooooong time. Anyway, I do mostly admin work, but we also recently started a small publishing company on the side, because we were getting poor quality from the company who was designing our books. It’s been way fun; I do the interior design and editing and Justin does the cover.

Which leads me to my questions about YOU designing books. What kind of books do you do? What kind of design do you do?

And that is my essay for this afternoon. Guess I’m off to the post office now. 🙂



And that’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, if I do say so myself.

Location, location, location.

Wow. What a week. I thought with it being spring break and all I’d get so much done. Turns out, not so much.


We did get one thing done. And that thing was find and book a location for our wedding.

Say hello to Glorietta Bay, where if you will be attending our splenderific (splendid + wonderful + terrific) day, you will be staring out at if you look the OSF and I as we vow it up.

Yes, if you’re lucky, one of those white wooden chairs will be yours… on November 13th!

I found this place on Tuesday, on a 10 Greatest Places to get Married in San Diego website. I was a bit skeptical at first, as this is a community center reception hall which tend to not be fantastic… and sometimes are painted funny colors and have linoleum floors. But this one is the Coronado Community Center, and since public building niceness is directly related to property taxes extracted from homeowners in the area, let’s just say they’re not doing so bad at the Coronado Community Center. 

Here’s what the outside patio looks like at night.

Oh, yeah. Better come prepare to party.

Jenna drove down with me to check the place out on Wednesday, and we both loved it. 

Pause: Is my roommate not the cutest thing ever?

The view of the patio from the other side. It’s right on the bay. Rad, right?

And here’s me, approximately where Chris and I will be standing in 223 days. (That Jenna’s adorable, but she can’t focus a camera lens to save her life.)

Chris and I are very excited about this. We’d been talking with our guy over there, Steve, who’d let us in on the only available dates from here through November: July 23 (Friday, and really, really soon), October 31 (Sunday… and Halloween), and November 28 (Sunday, and sooooo far away). We were bummed about dates, but we were beginning to come around to Halloween… until the next day (Thursday) we called again and Steve told us November 13, a Saturday, had just become available.

Chris had Friday off (sort of), so we spent the day finishing up some work at his office (while I looked up wedding blogs on his co-worker’s computer – sorry, Erin, for signing you out of Facebook!), going to Robbins Brothers twice (see the ring fiasco story coming soon), getting lunch, and finally getting to Coronado at 3:45 where we were supposed to meet Steve at 5:30.

We had some time to kill obviously, so we wandered around checking it all out. Eventually we went to talk to a couple guys manning the main desk, and turns out they could answer most of our questions about the room anyway, and took us on the deluxe tour. Then Steve showed up for his shift, and he turned out to be this guy who’s our age, about to get married himself, and goes to Flood. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer or more helpful guy.

So… we got our place! A little later in the year than we’d hoped, but at least that part’s done. Now the rest of the planning can commence.

Here’s Chris in our future wedding spot:

November 13, people!