The last day of April.

This was the day I found a new app that made my photos dreamy and dramatic. And I love both of those things.


April the third

Well, my pictures uploaded backwards, so we’ll start with the end of the day! Chris and I met his co-worker Jasmine for appetizer and drinks at the Riviera. We talked photography, work, and tater tots.

Earlier that day, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to finally load up on some much-needed spice containers. Our cabinet had become filled with little bags of spices from Sprouts that had no permanent home. (And I still had a bunch of 20 percent coupons to spare, as you can see.)

I also got rid of tons of old spices we had. I hear spices are bad after like six months, and I’m sure most of the spices we had in there were at least 3 years old. I won’t ever buy in bulk again, unless the jar it comes in is super cute. (Like the organics brand at Sprouts. Love those glasses.)

Got a new pair of sunglasses. I apparently left mine in the abandoned field near Courtney and David’s house last night. Sigh. I totally broke the ‘No Dumping’ rule!

And to start off the morning, we had Jack’s wake up call. It’s hard to escape it.

And there we have it: April 3rd in reverse!

March the second

Today was ridiculously productive. Somehow having a good four hour chunk of time, along with four backed up episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on sidereal does wonders for productivity. I finished most of the most recent book interior I’ve been working on for awhile. With the completion of my research paper last night, that’s two of my big projects done. Woo-hoo! And my next big projects are photo editing families, which is just so much more fun than research papers and book design.

Since Chris worked late tonight, I even managed to get to some much needed chores. The kitchen is once again clean and the sink is clear. Our floor is vacuumed. I’ve got more clean clothes than I had at the start of the day. It’s good to clean.

Another big productive thing that happened today was that I finally figured out where all the hair ties I give Jack end up going. Jack loves hair ties. He will amuse himself for hours with a single one. But inevitably, he loses them, within 24 hours. It had gotten to the point where I had to go buy new packs at Target because I no longer had any for myself. So he had gone through three in the last day alone, so I began searching again, even though I’ve looked in every nook and cranny of our little condo already. They’re really aren’t many places these things could go. I was searching behind the TV stand, in all the cords from the TV, DVD player, Wii, etc., and I noticed, in the glass of the stand, the reflection of black and brown circles. Jackpot. It still took me a bit of time to figure out where the reflection was reflecting from, and after moving some of the consoles on the bottom shelf, I finally found them. They’d been sliding under the glass and getting stuck under the stand. So glad to finally have that mystery taken care of. And Jack was overjoyed to have ten hair ties all at once. Though he’s probably got them all stuck under there again.

Here’s the whole setup. Can you spot the hidden hair ties? 😉

Our little cat people

Our cats have always been raised by humans. The people who fostered them before we got them said they were found at about ten days old with no mama cat in sight. They were bottle fed by the foster parents until they were big enough for food. They were also, apparently, half raised by the couple’s giant dog.

All this is to say, our cats are super social. They are not your ordinary cats, who like to go find their own quiet place to sleep the day away, and only want to come out for food when it’s convenient. Our cats want to be in whatever room we’re in. If we move rooms, they move rooms. If we have to keep them out of a room we’re in (like the office, because they get behind the desk and reek havoc), they wait outside the door for us. They come with us to the kitchen, the garage, and the bathroom. They sleep next to us, on us, or curled up in the crooks of our arms.

Tonight, while I worked on my research paper at the table, Sawyer decided to hop up for a nap. As he dozed, he occasionally reached out to touch my face. Then he fell asleep with his arm in the air. Somehow he still looked comfy.

Jack did the same thing a few weeks before, just without the arm straight up. These guys are so ridiculous.

February the twenty-third

Today’s picture of the day is brought to you by the produce section of the Rancho San Diego Ralphs. As nothing of great interest happened to me today (and I really don’t want to post another picture of my cats… I feel I’m still teetering on the verge of crazy cat lady), I decided to photograph the most interesting thing I purchased today.

What is it, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. It didn’t have a label, but I found it nestled with mustard greens and collard greens. I thought it might be a purple version of one of those, but the leaves don’t really match. It looks more like kale leaves, actually, but the regular kale was nowhere to be found around it. It doesn’t really matter anyway though, as I’m just going to use the bunch for a green smoothie tomorrow. I might use some leftover leaves to try making baked kale chips for the first time, too (if it really is kale), but I got a small bunch so I don’t think much will be leftover after the smoothie. Mmmmmm, smoothies….

February the twenty-second: Leaf Watching

The story of today:

Chris asked me how my day was. I rattled off a list of things I’d done, including tutoring, my CA professional development meeting, what I had for lunch, leaf watching with the cats, working on homework, and taking a nap.

Sometime around 11pm, he was surfing through his Instagram feed and started laughing out loud. “You really did leaf watch with the cats!”He had found the above picture, and was highly amused that this was an actual event I had photographed during my day. What can I say? I liked the colors of the porch, wood floor, Sawyer, and my shoes. Seemed like a perfect photo op to me.

February the twentieth: The day we celebrated the presidents

On this delightfully extended weekend, Chris decided we needed to get out of the house to do something. So after stopping by the hospital to drop off lunch for our friend Emily (whose son Everett is being monitored at the hospital for a case of bronchitis), and after a quick house cleaning/editing some sneak peak newborn pics for Jen and Justin, we headed northeast to Ramona. Our goal was to find good shoot locations. We found diddly in this regard. However, this is a cool tree-enclosed path we found at the base of Iron Mountain.

After Iron Mountain, we stumbled on a park that looked promising, Dos Picos, but as luck would have it, we pulled into the parking lot right when they were about to lock the gate. Everywhere else we found that looked cool was surrounded by barbed wire. Darn you, you selfish people who own land that just sits there becoming overgrown with weeds glistening in the sunset that only benefit a photographer!

So the only pictures I got today were at Iron Mountain: Chris trying to capture a pretty weed, and the landscape facing the sun.

Sunday Funday

Picture(s) of the day for February 19th
Since Kris and Becky were in town, Chris and I lugged our sorry behinds out of bed early (for a weekend), and met them in North Park for breakfast. Because Chris is trendy like that, he picked a hip, tiny cafe called Parkhouse Eatery. It turned out to be pretty cool, but I’m glad we got there early: otherwise, we would have been standing in the street waiting for a table, like the poor schmucks you can see in the picture below. Sorry, poor schmucks. I did feel a little guilty as we sat around talking for about half an hour after they’d cleared our plates, but hey, we got up early (for a weekend) to get that table.
Kris and Becky wanted to walk around Fashion Valley for a bit before getting in the car for their long ride back, and we stopped at Robbin’s Brothers along the way to get our rings cleaned, since it’s so close to Fashion. Since I now have a cool camera phone, I took a shot of the bathroom door, something I’ve always wanted to do at Robbin’s Brothers because of this:

(This morning, Chris asked me in a weird voice: “Do you know you’re tweeting pictures to Next to Me Studios?” And I said “Yes, of course, I think I know where I’m tweeting, sheesh.” And he replied that Robbin’s Brothers had re-tweeted my picture tweet, which we both thought was pretty cool. And also? Free publicity to a diamond ring store. Heck yeah. If that’s not awesome fortune for a photographer, I don’t know what is.

At home: I tried to mimic Sam the Cooking Guy’s salt and pepper shrimp, only it came out awful because I used the same amount of salt and pepper that the recipe for a pound of shrimp called for, even though I only had about 15 shrimp left in the bag. Because I’m a smartie like that. Chris came in and discovered a shrimp on the floor, that Jack must have jumped on the counter to get and disliked enough to knock it off and then run away. Chris rinsed away the salt and pepper and broke it into pieces and then Jack was all over it. Sawyer, on the other hand, kept looking at Chris like, “Are you freaking kidding me? I’m not eating that,” every time Chris held it out to him. I think he’s very sensitive to the garlic smell. So Jack ate the whole shrimp by himself.

Later that night, Ryan came over and the three of us had a good old fashioned camp out at the dining room table with our laptops. I got through almost half of Trinity’s newborn photos while we dined on carrots and broccoli, Trader Joe’s cookies, and delightful peach champagne. Chris also taught me how to use the remote on our new cameras, but those are pictures for another day. The cats, meanwhile, spent a rewarding night creating epic scenarios involving the two bags Ry brought with him. I don’t know why we spend money on real cat toys.