The Road to Palm Springs

“The road to Palm Springs”


We are getting quite popular.

As photographers, that is. Got an impromptu shoot tomorrow with Chris’ little cousins from Europe, as well as maternity shots next week for another member of Chris’ extended family. Not to mention our pending family picture dates with the Aubreys, Holzes (Melody? Is that the plural of your last name?), and Bests. And then we’re going to have to go on hiatus from taking and editing pictures to go take and edit our own on our Hawaii vacation.

Tonight we’re working on pictures from Kayla and David’s wedding on July 17th. We’ve been playing around with some softer effects, which is definitely new for me, as I tend to go very sharp and contrasty. But it’s also super fun trying out some new stuff, even if trying to maintain the style all the way through is proving quite difficult.

I’m still working on my set (I take a lot of pictures), but Chris has finished his and is now setting up his most recent blog to showcase. His pictures are amazing. I really truly love that we share this passion together- it really makes spending hours and hours going through pictures so much better when there’s someone next to you doing the same thing. And it never hurts when you look up to find him looking at your screen in admiration at whatever photo you’re on. 🙂

Anyway, if you want to see some great wedding pictures (especially the first one- I pretty much fell in love with him all over again when I saw that first one), check out my almost-husband’s latest blog. (And, yes, that is a new blog site he’s using- read his previous post about breaking up with blogger to find out why he switched.)

Babies love the OSF…

I’m lucky and here’s why:

I’ve got two and a half willing subjects to photograph every couple of months, when my need to photograph takes over my life and I find myself photographing my own shoes just to get pictures taken.
They are very cute willing subjects.
I’m also lucky because I’ve got this guy to tag team with now:
(He’s so hot with a camera bag strung over his shoulder.)

Unfortunately, not all of my two and a half subjects were so willing on this particular day:

You may have noticed that in almost every picture, Zo is looking slightly off camera.

For instance, here:

And here:

And here’s why:

I love that guy.

And Jen, Justin, and Zoey too! (Even if Zo loves Chris more than me!)

See Chris’ pictures at his Flickr site. See the rest of mine at Shutterfly.

Team Trementozzi

So after our engagement session last week, Chris and I couldn’t wait to get outside with our cameras. Luckily,  I had a date coming up with Jen, Justin, and Zoey to do some family pictures. Chris borrowed some lenses from work (Canon, for me, he had to just use his ol’ kit lens), and we practiced a bit at our Memorial Day bbq. Chris even went scouting around Mission Trails for a good place to take our pictures. He found an adorable little park in a quiet neighborhood up there, complete (to Jen’s delight) with thistles and miscellaneous pretty weeds.
Miss Zo was not a happy camper most of the time, despite our post-nap photo jaunt. We did manage to get some happy baby family pictures, but for the most part we had to keep the trio pictures pretty simple in order to keep her attention. You can’t tell it in this picture, but she’s actually looking past the camera at Chris- whom she adores. Jen says Zo’s in love with all the dark haired guys.
When Zoey wasn’t having it anymore, Chris kept an eye on her while we began some more artsy, amidst the thistles pictures. Seriously, these two are just so cute. I’m so happy they were all about sitting in a pile of weeds for the look we were going for. Best guinea pigs ever.
I was using Chris’ work’s 24 mm lens for these ones… you have to get super close, but you get so much extra width than with my 50 mm. I’m a little bit in love with that lens. And the zoom lens. Zoom lenses are fun.

So this was our first official tag team photo shoot. Yay for Team Trementozzi! Although… that is kind of a mouthful of a name… maybe we’ll need to come up with something snazzier. Any suggestions? 😉