Around here

Around here, things have been a-changing. Little things, and big things. The biggest thing is that we’ve inherited (on loan, that is) pretty much all of the awesome things Ryan owns. Ry’s moving back home for a bit to save up some money for his own rad house, and apparently his childhood room can’t hold the awesomeness that is his giant TV, xbox, playstation, wii, kinect, and various games. 
So our living room has transformed into this:
And my husband has been transformed to this: 

Truthfully though, I love that Chris finally has the awesome TV with awesome Halo 3 to play when he needs a break. That guy works too much and too hard. 
Other new things going on? It’s berry season again! We’ve been eating strawberries by the pound, and we just got a big case of fresh raspberries at Costco last weekend. Soooooo yummy on vanilla ice cream in yellow bowls….

Another new thing: Apparently we’ve had delicious smelling jasmine right outside our door this whole time. The whole thing bloomed recently and now we come home to yummy flowery smells. Last night I stood outside the door as the sun was going down and it was seriously like magic. I love our house!

Let me tell you some background about this next picture. We had this awful little filing cabinet that was just awful. Awful awful awful. I’ve had a pile of files on the corner of the desk for weeks because I hated the idea of using that awful filing cabinet. All that changed this weekend when we became the owners of the beautiful and free four-drawer cabinet. Oh, it’s so wonderful. I spent a glorious two hours yesterday transferring and updating our files. (Yes. I am that kind of a nerd.)

We’ve embarked on the project of photo wall. We’ve got lots of frames and lots of pictures. Too many as we’ve found. It’s hard deciding with will go up on the wall o’ awesomeness. (And that blurred blob you see sitting on the couch, outside the doorway? That’s C playing Halo 3 still.)

Also loving my craft area. It’s eclectic and colorful and I love it.

We also recently inherited this kitchen block. Thank goodness. because we needed some more storage for kitchen stuff. My favorite part of this is the bowl of lemons.

So that’s our home update. This has been a really great weekend of relaxing and being with friends and getting some stuff done. Next week we head off to Monterey for some vacation time. That means Ry gets to come hang out with all his stuff for a week! (Just make sure you clean up after your wild parties, Prades. 😉

Reminders of our first home.

Lots of stuff going on right now, but I don’t really feel like venting it all. Maybe later.

The gist:
Chris and I are shooting his cousin Lexi’s wedding this weekend. We’ve got lenses rented, flashes ready to go, batteries charging as we speak. We’ll be driving up with his parents, his cousin Bethany (whom we used to live with), and his aunt who’s staying with his parents right now. It will be an awesomely tight fit with all of us, our luggage, and camera equipment, in one SUV. Chris actually bought a car adaptor so we can work on our laptops during the drive to Monterey. (I love that guy. He thinks like me.)

Most of my kids majorly bombed their chapter three test today. I’m a little mad at them.

Chris has been working like crazy all week long. Apparently there’s many, many projects due all of the sudden, and he’s feeling stressed to get everything done before the weekend, since he’s taking Monday and Tuesday off for us to drive home and recuperate from the craziness. I want to go love on him and squeeze him and tell him he’s so great, but he doesn’t like that when he’s stressed. (That’s where we don’t think the same.) So instead I’m giving him some space, letting him have the office to himself and working on my own stuff.

Finally, and the whole point of this post, I am grieving the fact that I don’t record as much as I feel I should be, and especially when I read other blogs and appreciate the simple day to day stuff that shows up, I feel like I just want to take my camera and go all over my house and snap pictures to remind myself of what things are like right now. So I did.

There’s no people in these pictures (except the one of Chris). These are just pictures of everyday mundane things of how our house looks. Little things like our toothbrushes, our unmade bed with the zillion unmatching blankets since our house is freezing, the plates sitting on our desk from the red velvet cake we ate last weekend for our six month anniversary. And I threw in the one of Chris, which I obviously didn’t take, but he took on that same day, because I want to prove I’m not the only one who takes pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror.

Silly to take pictures of random stuff, I know. But all that really matters is that when we’re eighty and eighty-one, living in our awesome retirement community (seriously, we keep hearing about those places and they sound amazing- can’t wait), we can remember our first house and our first year together.


We finally got to decorating over this three day weekend. Pictures were printed and hung. Artwork was placed. Candle holders were strewn about nicely.

And because I’m more in love with the iphone’s beautiful picture taking capabilities than my husband is in love with those stupid angry birds, I have created a little sneak peak into our little home. Using the iphone.

(It looks a lot cooler through the iphone lens. Trust me.)

(Also, I feel everyone’s taking pictures of what’s in their homes lately and blogging about it.)

(I didn’t want to feel left out.)

(That is why this post exists.)

Also, my husband loves me much! He sends me loving texts and gives me kisses and squeezes and I just eat it all up.  It’s  pretty awesome thing we’ve got going on here.

Fridge = Ice = Cold Beverages = Happiness

Among other things, our fridge was broken. Chris and I went down and picked out a new one from Sears Scratch and Dent over the weekend. We were super excited about our selection, which has the much coveted ice and water dispenser on the door. Yes, we are getting fancy.

The Sears delivery guys, however, did not share in our excitement. They in fact refused to bring it up our stairs, stating they weren’t allowed to lift the fridges. Excuse me, what? We’re paying you to bring our fridge to its allotted space, and you say you can’t lift the fridge? You can only slide it up the stairs? Boo, Sears delivery guys. Boo.

So, we had them leave it in the garage and told them we aren’t any pansies around here, and we’d take care of it ourselves. And with the help of Justin, Jesse, and Ryan, we totally did. (And by we, I mean that I helped by taking pictures and offering encouragement in the form of, “Wow! Look at those awesome biceps at work!” and “Justin, you may not want to place your neck in the six inches between the corner of the 250 pound fridge and the wall.”)

 Zoey was there to cheer on her dad. But she was very concerned toward the end and had to get some hugs in when he finally made it up the stairs. 

Where’s Christopher?

First Home.

So we’re in our new house, finally! It’s pretty awesome… except for the parts that aren’t. Like leaks from every possible spout. And the painted over cable cords. And the fridge that won’t work. And the electric problems that need to be fixed. Oh, and the washer that started leaking last night… after the plumber came out to fix the pipes behind it.

It sounds like we’re really suffering, but really it’s been great. We’re taking the bad with the good. Chris has been amazing with the fix-its around the house; I seriously have a rocking roommate. We’re starting to get the majority of boxes under control. Really, the only things left are things we don’t have a place for yet, like the TV and players and cords that go with it, or our boxes of old school memories (me: journals, chris: basketball cards). Our dining room table is up, and we had our first official meal of canned chili at it on Saturday night. We can almost sit on the couch, once we move out some empty boxes. And with Chris finding my box of work clothes last night, I think we finally have all our clothes and shoes accounted for and hung in the closet.

I’m eager to set up my craft stuff, but worried about the amount of room in our office. I need to figure out a way to really utilize the closet space, and I’m thinking a long, short bookcase, like the ones you see at Target that you buy the canvas drawers for. Hmmmm… I think I need to pop over to Craigslist…

Packing is so overrated.

True that.

But packing means moving, and moving means living in our own little condo, and living in our own little condo means all by ourselves. As husbands and wives should.

We (and by we, I mainly mean Chris) have been lugging boxes down two flights of stairs to the garage all day. Chris also took apart his amazing desk, the one that made me fall in love with him in the first place (petty, yes, but this desk is ginormous). I collected the screws for him, which I hoped might be the extent of my work, but then I had to help lug the big pieces down those two flights of stairs.

Now I’m taking a much-deserved TPA break.

TPA! Blech! What a Christmas vacation downer. I’ve been working on it in any spare moment I have, including late at night/into the morning, when we’re not packing. I am almost done. Just two sections to go. And then I’ll have the freedom to start really getting into this moving deal.

We went to the condo today to get the official keys from the seller. We discovered mold while we were there. Yes, mold! In our brand new house! And this is just two weeks after the HOA sent people over to fix the leaky roof, which was causing the ceiling in the entryway to become water damaged. It’s pretty obvious it’s an exterior problem since that part of the ceiling is directly under an outdoor patio that collects water when it rains, so (fingers crossed) the HOA should be taking the lead on getting it all fixed up. Thank goodness. It’ll just be a bummer when they come in and have to re-do the whole entryway- the water is on the ceiling and in the walls.

Not to worry, of course, because I’ll spend most of January holed up in our new office working feverishly on my double load of classwork for National. I’ve got two classes and only one month left before student teaching starts. I seriously did not think this through when I took four months off for the wedding. It’s always in retrospect, isn’t it?

Anyhows, I’ve got to get back to that delightful TPA while it’s break time. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some Christmas-ish goodness. (I say hopefully because clearly I haven’t even gotten around to posting about our wedding yet. And that was three months ago.) I will leave you with this Christmas video that Chris took of our present opening extravaganza. He set up his camera on a shelf and clicked pictures with his remote all day to make this awesome stop-motion video.


Trementozzi 2010 Christmas from Christopher Trementozzi on Vimeo.


We got the official word that the bank has given the clear to close. Woo-hoo! Now we just have to wait for them to draw up the loan documents… surely that can’t take too long… right?


Anyway, we got the call while we were at Fashion Valley mall (which is pretty much completely flooded– there’s only one entrance that’s not under water). To celebrate, we went to Home Depot to get paint and liners for the kitchen cabinets. My husband rocks. 🙂

Best case scenario: The people at Wells Fargo actually do their jobs the next two days. (This depends on if they don’t have Friday off.) We sign the paper work on Friday. We get keys on Tuesday.

Most likely scenario: The people at Wells Fargo are already checked out for Christmas. We’ll be lucky to get in before New Year’s.

Seriously, I think I’m a pretty calm person most of the time, but it irks me to no end when someone doesn’t do their job (or does it incorrectly) and it directly affects other people. Come on, people. Do your jobs.