the cats

I realize that, considering the new name of the blog, there have been no Jack & Sawyer pictures recently. It’s been mostly school stuff, because that’s what’s been on my mind most these last ten months. So here’s a couple of recent Jack & Sawyer shots of their ridiculous cuteness and antics.


We’ve recently been letting them hang out with us in the office, since they love being with us, and we’re locked up in there so much. They’ve gotten used to settling down somewhere or getting kicked out. But much as we try to keep them off the desk, they just love sitting in this corner between us.

cats on the desk


Sawyer’s my afternoon nap on the days I come home too exhausted to continue.

sleepy cat napping on bed


Sawyer likes to steal our chairs when we get up in the office. We decided to watch a move in the living room and he refused to leave the chair, so Chris wheeled it out so he could be part of the family.

cat taking over desk chair


Then we left it out there for a couple days, which they both loved.

cat taking over desk chair


On days when I’m working by myself in the office, Jack likes to stretch out between Chris’ keyboard and monitor.

cat asleep on desk behind keyboard cat asleep on desk


It’s rare that they’ll both share something–usually Sawyer gets irked and leaves, but the love of the chair draws them closer together.

cats take over desk chair


It’s been getting a lot hotter around here, which means we can usually find this guy napping in the basin sink.

cat asleep in the sink


It really is like having children: they even wake us up early in the morning.

cat waking up owner


When the office gets too hot (the windows let in a LOT of sun, and all our electronics does not help the temp), I bring my laptop to the dining room, and Jack usually cuddles up in my arm while I work.

cat cradled in arms cat cradled in arms


Chris bought some firefly lights and big jars for a wedding show we did in May, and Jack was both fascinated and freaked by the final product.

cat checks out firefly lights


Jack and Sawyer Present: The New Toy

Two things:

1. I got the cats a new toy yesterday.
2. SocialCam now has captioning and music. We’re going to have a lot of fun in videos to come.

And here we go!


1. I just love Sawyer’s awkward pouncing skills. The Little Prince wouldn’t last a day in the jungle.
2. I also love that he catches me videoing him at the end and nuzzles the camera.
3. Techno music makes cat videos much more epic.

March the second

Today was ridiculously productive. Somehow having a good four hour chunk of time, along with four backed up episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on sidereal does wonders for productivity. I finished most of the most recent book interior I’ve been working on for awhile. With the completion of my research paper last night, that’s two of my big projects done. Woo-hoo! And my next big projects are photo editing families, which is just so much more fun than research papers and book design.

Since Chris worked late tonight, I even managed to get to some much needed chores. The kitchen is once again clean and the sink is clear. Our floor is vacuumed. I’ve got more clean clothes than I had at the start of the day. It’s good to clean.

Another big productive thing that happened today was that I finally figured out where all the hair ties I give Jack end up going. Jack loves hair ties. He will amuse himself for hours with a single one. But inevitably, he loses them, within 24 hours. It had gotten to the point where I had to go buy new packs at Target because I no longer had any for myself. So he had gone through three in the last day alone, so I began searching again, even though I’ve looked in every nook and cranny of our little condo already. They’re really aren’t many places these things could go. I was searching behind the TV stand, in all the cords from the TV, DVD player, Wii, etc., and I noticed, in the glass of the stand, the reflection of black and brown circles. Jackpot. It still took me a bit of time to figure out where the reflection was reflecting from, and after moving some of the consoles on the bottom shelf, I finally found them. They’d been sliding under the glass and getting stuck under the stand. So glad to finally have that mystery taken care of. And Jack was overjoyed to have ten hair ties all at once. Though he’s probably got them all stuck under there again.

Here’s the whole setup. Can you spot the hidden hair ties? 😉

January the sixth

With my new tutoring students, I had to change my schedule up a bit. Now I get out of work pretty early on Fridays, with no tutoring in the afternoons, which is great. I came home, got out the laptop, loaded up my current session (the Moses’/Bishop’s) and turned on season five of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. 
( I love having HIMYM on Netflix. No changing of disks whatsoever. I could watch six seasons straight through if I wanted.)
Jack was feeling mighty cuddly, and I let him curl up into my arm since he just wanted to nap there. (We usually don’t let them on the table.) 
Apparently Sawyer, who is not normally very cuddly, was jealous of this snuggle session, because this was the scene two hours later:

I was mentioning to Chris last night how much easier Picture of the Day is with two cats. No more trying to made mundane activities or inanimate objects interesting. There’s always something interesting going on with two pre-teen cats.

Christmas (with Kittens)

The kittens love the new Christmas tree. You’ll notice that there are no actual ornaments anywhere near the parts of the tree they can get to. Our tree is very top heavy with ornaments.

Sawyer has developed a thing for my socks. He loves pulling open my sock drawer and grabbing the closest sock. Then the next closest sock. And the next. Until he has a pile of socks outside of the sock drawer. But his favorite socks are these Christmas funky colored ones I got from my roommate Jen two Christmases ago. When he gets a hold of one of those, he tugs it around the house with him, and we end up finding it in the strangest places. As you can see, he also likes pulling it up to the bed and cuddling up for a good nap with it.

The kitchen pictures… really have nothing to do with Christmas. I just thought it was funny that I set myself up in the dining room to get pictures of Jack being bad by getting up on the counters. And other places. Have fun playing where’s Jack with those pictures!

You’ll also notice you’re seeing a lot of Green Mouse in these photos. Green Mouse (as Chris calls him, not the green mouse), is the current favorite toy. This is actually the second green mouse. We got a two pack when we first got the kittens, and they liked them enough, but both were supposed to have little bells on their tails that were missing. Green Mouse 2.0 has a full functioning bell, and Sawyer especially carried that thing around with him everywhere he went the first day we brought it home. (Sawyer might be a hoarder, now that I think about it.)

Merry Christmas, from Jack and Sawyer!

Cuddle time.

Don’t hate because your cat is not nearly as cool as my cat. This is very representative of Jack’s sleeping positions lately. He has learned that he LOVES the comforter, especially if he can wiggle in so just his head is out of it, like how we humans sleep. When it’s bedtime, he comes to the top of the sheets, wiggles all the way down to my waist, does a 360, and comes back up to curl into my side with his head sticking it out. He’s also begun reaching out to touch our faces at night, which is apparently something cats do to show affection sometimes. It’s been a little frightening to see his clawed hand come at our faces (even if he does ‘caress’ he still snags us across the cheek sometimes), but we put the claw covers on again this week so it’s much sweeter now.
Sawyer’s the perfect bed cat: he sleeps at our feet and doesn’t move all night long. Outside of bedtime, he has picked up this annoying habit of jumping on our backs whenever we bend over. As much as Jack LOVES the comforter and being near our faces, Sawyer LOVES being on our backs. As soon as he gets up there, he drapes his arms around our necks and starts purring and nuzzling our ears. It’s really cute for a bit, then you realize you want to stand straight up and can’t without getting lacerations down your back, because he does NOT want to be slid off. Usually we need to call each other for kitten removal to carry on with whatever we were doing.
And now, after writing two long paragraphs about the antics of our kittens, I have to ask myself if I’m turning into one of those people. But really, I don’t have a ton else to post about right now. Same old, same old at the ol’ condo. Chris is doing studio work. I’m doing a variety of projects on my laptop. I can’t post about the many, many photos shoots we’ve just finished up this season (not until the husband gives me the okay- we’ve got our studio blog to pump our photography antics to first). The cats are our only source of entertainment currently.
So stories about our lovely kittens it shall be.