I Heart my Dentist

Last Sunday I posted about the horrible timing of my wisdom tooth suddenly deciding it was time to make itself known.

Short version:

Saturday night my teeth started hurting WAY more than it usually does. My upper right wisdom tooth has bothered me off and on for the past few years; usually I pop an Aleeve, maybe rest for half an hour until it kicked in, and I’m good to go until the next time.

I knew something was wrong this time by how intense the pain was this time and by how the Aleeve was not helping at all. I did finally manage to fall asleep that night, only to wake up the next morning, Sunday, with the exact same predicament. Much more pain + no working medication + continued pain even after a full night’s sleep + holiday weekend = me calling up Kaiser for an urgent care appointment to get me some pain killers until I could see my dentist.

Kaiser was very nice to me. They gave me Amoxicillin, in case of infection, and Vicodin, to keep me from wanting to rip my own ear off from the pain.

I learned an important fact through this experience: Vicodin makes me tired. So very tired. I felt like I had not nap all the time. Including at work. It was horrible how out of it I was all week.

Luckily, I got in to see my dentist on Thursday afternoon. I was pretty apprehensive going into the appointment; after all, what possibly good way could all this work out? They were just going to tell me I needed to get my wisdom tooth out, I would tell them I a) don’t have the money since insurance won’t cover crazy things like that yet, and b) am getting married in a week and can’t be miserable from getting my wisdom teeth out.

It pretty much went down like that. Except, after my dentist and her assistant got over the shock that I was getting married next week, my dentist is all “all right, we’ll just do it here.”

Excuse me?

Which is what I said.

She explained my tooth was neither impacted nor fully underneath the gum, so she could easily take it out. Right then and there, in fact.

There was still the matter of insurance however, and my dentist had the receptionist call Aetna to discuss matters. She came back in to let me know I only had to pay the deductible and $40. What?!

So I got my wisdom tooth out.

It took all of ten minutes to numb me up, a minute to put in a movie (Marley & Me, because my dentist’s office rocks), a few minutes to clean my teeth while we waited for the numbness to settle, and about three minutes for that tooth to be gone.

All these years… who knew it was easier than getting a cavity filled?

It’s been about five days since, and it still hurts off and on, so I’m still on the painkillers. Had a really great nap on them yesterday. I try not to take them when I’m working, because nodding off in front of students isn’t the greatest example, you know. Yesterday I started chewing on the right side of my mouth again; you never realize how much you miss using your whole mouth until you can only use one half.

So hopefully I’m back to 100% and off the Vicodin by this weekend. As you all know, it’s going to be quite a busy and eventful few days. 🙂


What I love…

1) So I’ve been blog lurking on ThePigBear for years now. Erin Cobb’s got all kinds of great stuff on there, and she has the cutest freaking kids on the planet. If you are a fan of cute kids + Glee, you need to watch the video on her latest post:

Oh, goodness. This makes me want to have kids as soon as I’m married.

(But don’t tell the OSF. He gets scurred about that kind of stuff. 😉 Cause we have a plan, and it does not involve getting prego right off the bat.)

2) Speaking of freaking cute kids, I found Chris’ yearbooks!  And wouldn’t you know who’s the most adorable pilgrim of 1989?

3) What else do I love? Our invitations! Chris got them from the printer today, and they are amazing! Tonight will be spent addressing, stuffing, and stamping!

4) And here’s one that I hate: LOST! I hate that show. Clearly the writers put no thought into any of it. They started off strong, wrote themselves into a corner, and made it all fluffy and “because that’s how it is” at the end. It’s like book 4 of Twilight all over again!

I Heart the OSF

I’m thankful for notes I find tucked into my cell phone.

Thankful for a creative soul who encourages my own creativity.

For inside jokes.

For someone who likes staying home on Friday nights, too.

For honesty and realness.

For a boy who likes holding hands.

And cuddling.

For fun.

For simplicity.

For six amazing months of getting to know more about him each day.

And for more of these wonderful days ahead.

I heart Olive Garden

A lot.

Mostly because I think their chicken gnocchi soup is amazing. And the salad’s pretty good. And the breadsticks… mmm, the breadsticks. And basically any deal where they just keep bringing me food as long as I ask for more is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Tonight I had two bowls of soup, four bowls of salad, and three breadsticks. And, since my friend Chrissy was our waitress, I came home with two more breadsticks and a third helping of soup. (Which I’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow.)

Chris does not like Olive Garden, despite his Italian roots. So, even though I bring up the idea of going to Olive Garden at least once a week (and sometimes seven or eight times), he never says yes. Until tonight.

What made tonight different? I’m not sure. (Chris said something about having a happy girlfriend, or blah blah blah.) But for whatever reason Chris decided that tonight would be the one in ten thousandth time he would actually say yes. And so I got about 500 calories of warm soup belly for dinner tonight.

Thanks, boyfriend! You’re the best Olive Garden-hating boyfriend a girl could ask for!