Five on Friday

1) I was reviewing my goals this afternoon (while again putting off homework), and I was trying to come up with a way to ensure I really would read my Bible every day. I used to be so good at being faithful to that. Years and years of waking up for 6:30am personal devotions at camp took quite a while to shake off. But I’m trying to get back into that habit… it just hasn’t stuck yet. In my search online for some ideas, I came across this: the One Year Bible Blog. It looks pretty neat-o! They’re going through the Bible, and each blog entry has commentary, thoughts, questions- it’s like a whole little online devotion book. I’ll definitely be keeping track of this site.

2) Yesterday my project at the Sorrento Mesa office was to print library cards for all the books with missing library cards, which I had gone around and found on Wednesday. I stopped in the kitchen first for some water, just in time for people to be pulling out leftovers of Pat & Oscar’s chicken wings, caesar salad, and breadsticks. Perfect timing, anyone? They told me to load up a plate, which I did. I loaded it up so big that I had to carry my cup of water with my teeth back to the book room. Yes, I am that professional. 

About half hour in to work, I was enjoying myself so much that I had to share my good time with Chris in this text:

Kind of loving work right now, babe. I’ve taken over Bill’s desk, got a pretty good itunes library loaded on the computer I’m working on, and there’s tons of Pat & Oscar’s food in the kitchen. I’ve got a plate full of caesar salad next to me while I search through the inventory. 🙂

And this is the message I got back:

You are too funny. It’s always the simple things you love. What a cutie.

Awww… I like being the kind of person who gets excited about the simple things. Kind of reminds me of this time from way back when.

Or maybe I just like food?

3) Today at lunch with the CA’s (and Domingo), I brought up an issue I’ve been having involving explanation points. For some reason this week, every time I’ve gone to write an exclamation point, my mind and hand work together to convert it to a question mark. So this week, instead of “Excellent job!” and “This is a great essay!” my kids have probably been wondering why the red markings on their homework say “Excellent job?” and “This is a great essay?” Totally changes the whole tone, doesn’t it? For some reason, this question mark/exclamation point mix-up happens to me once in awhile. I can’t control it. Do I have some form of punctuation dyslexia? I don’t know, but luckily I caught myself today before sending off a text to the OSF saying, “Can’t wait to see you tonight?”

4) Speaking of which… I’m still waiting to see him tonight. Boyfriend’s been working late. He’d better get here soon, though, because Sarah’s Birthday Part Two is happening in about sixteen minutes. Stinks not seeing him until late in the evening every day. But at least I’ve got some time to get through homework each day while I wait. (Always a silver lining. You just have to look for it.)

5) I was searching through my Pictures folder earlier for a specific picture from a few years ago… and ended up finding a whole bunch of pictures I’d almost forgotten about. I think I’m going to need to make a habit of pulling out those pictures and telling their stories before they’re completely forgotten in my mind, too.

So here’s my favorite I found today:

This was in March 2006. Mine and Sonia’s first spring living on our own. Mandy and I shared the right room, while Sonia had the left room to herself. This was the living room. And that’s me sitting on the floor about six inches from the TV. I’m not sure what happened. I think I was putting a DVD in the player and whatever was on TV caught my attention… so I sat back a minute to watch. And Sonia snuck up on me with my camera; she said I looked like a four-year-old who needed to be reminded that it’s bad for you to sit so close to the TV. 

I love this picture.

I love simple, every day, this-is-just-what-happened-to-be-going-on pictures.

I need to take more of those.


Ten on Tues… Wednesday

1) I pretty much skipped Tuesday this week. Too sick to deal with it.

2) I’m sick.

3) Yes. Again.

4) I’m not sure what kind of sick it is. I’ve got 3 options:
       a) It’s my body’s new way of handling being sick, where I get to experience all the normal fun aspects of the cold (sniffling, coughing, runny eyes) along with a wretched sore throat that makes everything so. much. worse.
      b) This time around I was lucky enough to catch a cold (separately) while experiencing the sequel to the ever-so-fun Sore Throat of Summer ’09. This would be better.
      c) I’ve got strep throat, tonsilitis, or any number of serious throat problems, which were not caught during previously mentioned Sore Throat of Summer ’09, and which I will be doomed to experience over and over until I pony up the money to go back down to urgent care. And that’s only if they actually diagnose me with anything more this time than “a really bad sore throat.”

5) Option a is not what I want. The teacher I work with at the school, Michelle, claims that every seven years or so, the way your body handles things is supposed to change. If this is the way my body is going to start handling colds, then… then… well, drastic measures will need to be taken.

6) I’m really quite miserable.

7) On the brighter side, I’ve had some down time to put into easing back into school. Let me tell you, not having to do homework for two and a half years really makes it hard to write that 750 word essay on service learning.

8) Yes, I know 750 words is nothing in college. I’m a big, fat school wuss right now. I may be in denial about the whole thing, in fact.

9) I did finally find some info on the No Child Left Behind Act. Quite a bit actually, and I now understand the pros and cons and consequences and demands and all that good stuff. Still not sure how I feel about it all yet.

10) I finally received my textbook today. It only took three calls to three different post offices and leaving a note on my front door instructing the post man to “leave the package the heck on my doorstep and not take it to one of the three aforementioned post offices without leaving me a note like the last two times.” I think the note was the thing that did it.

11) Also, I’ve been wasting time this afternoon (not opening my new textbook) playing with my webcam’s picture taking abilities. And I just realized I’m holding the books the wrong way to read the titles. Oh well.

***Please forgive the crabbiness of this post. I really don’t feel well. 😦

Five on Friday

I know. Right after a Ten on Tuesday. Weird.

(Really, I just have a few things to mention that I don’t want to make into full-length blog posts.)

1) Got my hair cut and colored by the beautiful Jenafer yesterday. I LOVE talking with Jen while she cuts my hair. We’ve known each other since junior high (fifth grade for Jen), so it’s so great talking with someone about past stuff when they’ve actually been in your past. And of course she did a great job with my hair. I absolutely adore the cut, and she highlighted the heck out of it so I’m actually blonde (and not dirty blonde/light brown) again. Chris is very pleased as well.

2) I had the day off today, since the school gives us a four-day weekend in February, instead of two Monday holidays. Slept in until eleven, got my nails done (for the first time ever!), dropped off Zoey pictures at Justin and Jen’s house, and went to Joann’s before meeting the OSF back at his house. And at 7:30 we went to….

3) …my older sister’s beautiful new house. Some of you may not know I have an older sister: she’s a half (from my dad’s first marriage) who’s ten  years older than me. She and her husband Trevor just moved from their condo on a golf course in Dehesa to the new development of super nice houses on the hill overlooking the new 52/67 highway connector. Basically they’re up on a hill with an amazing view of El Cajon and Santee. They just got an adorably new puppy that she’s been texting pictures of to me. I’ve been looking forward to introducing Chris to the more “normal” members of my family, which is essentially Jacqui and Trevor. Tonight we went over for gluten-free brownies, beer (him) and pomegranate vodka (me) and hung out for awhile. So great to catch up with them. And now Chris knows that not all my family is crazy!

4) I started my new hours at the school on Wednesdsay. I go from mornings at the Woodman classroom (in South County) to the charter school headquarters up in Sorrento Mesa (just north of Miramar). Quite a difference. It only takes me about 20 minutes to get from one to the other on the 805, so it’s not that bad. The thing that sucks is getting back from Sorrento Mesa. I had anticipated some horrible traffic coming home that first day; I did not foresee a 45 minute wait to get the six blocks down Mira Mesa Blvd. back to the 805. Forty. Five. Minutes. And I hadn’t even gotten to the freeway yet. When we get back from Chris’ house this weekend, I’m hitting up the library for any book on CD that sounds good. Apparently I’m going to need a stock to keep in my car for my rides home.

5) I had a traumatic experience earlier today: I went to get my nails done with Jenna.

Disclaimer (and I know some of you people may be appalled by this): I had never gotten my nails done before today.

I’m okay with it. You should be too.

Anyway, all I wanted out of the experience was French tips on my fingernails and toenails. Through a lack of communication (they didn’t quite speak English most of the time) and a sudden influx of customers right when they started on Jenna and me, they somehow failed to give the French tips. And I, who had never done this before, just figured the tips went on at the end, so I was just waiting for them to do it. Until Jenna realized they should have done it first… so they ended up re-doing my fingernails (they look amazing, FYI, except I immediately chipped my right thumb polish trying to get my keys). I didn’t have the heart to ask them to redo my toenails since they had so many people in there at that point. 

So at least I know now. 

And really, the nail thing wasn’t for me; it was for the OSF. 

He likes when I get all “girled up.” 😉 

Ten on Tuesday

1) I signed up for my first 3 months of classes at National! Chris and I drove through the rain and traffic to get to National headquarters. He came along because he wanted to know about the loan application process, but we ended up not meeting with the financial aid guy. So no news on aid, but I start classes in March. 

2) Anyone have any suggestions for good shaving cream or lotion? These dry winter months are killing my legs!

3) I just found out that I’m moving up to 40 hours at the charter school, which is excellent news. I get to work in the “library” at the main office in Sorrento Mesa. Don’t know what it entails yet, but it’s something to do with all our textbooks and lesson guides!

4) The rain sucks and here’s why. a) I don’t like my feet being wet. b) Several strands of my hair start doing this wavy thing that would be cute if it were my whole head of hair and not just here and there pieces; it just looks like I couldn’t decide how to do my hair that morning. c) People are rude in the rain; they only care about getting out of it themselves. Example, it took me 10 minutes to merge a lane over tonight on the 15 north. Then when I finally went for it, the guy sped up, forcing me back in my lane. Horrid rain people.

5) Had dinner at La Salsa with the OSF tonight, while we waited out the traffic, rain, and horrible rain people. A delightful experience as always.

6) The OSF’s taking me out for Valentine’s Day… but I don’t know what we’re doing! This has caused some speculation amongst the people I work with…. and yes, they’re thinking what you’re thinking.

7) I wasted a lot of time tonight trying to download youtube videos.

8) I found a youtube video of the German (I think) cast of Spring Awakening! It kind of sounds awesome in (I think) German.

9) No news on the writing front. There hasn’t been much writing in the past week or so. There has been much getting inspired by reading the blogs of other authors though! That counts, right? Right?

10) And for our number ten spot we have the birth of the new Burmeister Baby: Micah! A.K.A. Hamster Cheeks, for obvious reasons. Fresh meat to photograph. I love it.

Five on Friday

1) I know, I did Ten on Tuesday already. But I’ve got more to say!

2) I got a haircut. And a perm. Because I decided to give perming one more try, since when I did it four years ago it fell out immediately. Twice. Decided to try it again at the hair school, since they were having a special last Friday. It’s been exactly a week, and while they’re definitely a little waviness and body to my hair still, there’s no curl. But I really wasn’t expecting much anyway, so a little extra body is fine with me! And it’s not like they didn’t try over at the school; I had a student and two supervisors trying to get my hair to curl. It’s just a lost cause.

3) I’ve been on more of a scrapbooking kick than writing kick lately. It seems I can only concentrate on one creative outlet at a time, or I just start feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I want to do.

4) Because of that overwhelming feeling (which I’ve been getting A LOT lately), I’ve decided to pick just one thing to accomplish each day, instead of having this idea in my head of completing four or five things each evening. Because I’ve realized nothing gets done when I do that; I just get little parts of a lot of things completed. No whole projects. Wednesday I decided I would finish up one whole project- getting my rough draft novel ready to turn into a Blurb book- and then whatever time I had left over could be spent working on other things. And you know what? I finished the book, made the cover, and was able to order it that night. And move on to working on Lizzie’s wedding pictures. I just love finding my productive modes.

5) So I haven’t been getting as many comments as I have been… just wondering if anyone’s still reading this. Not that I’m planning to stop if no one out there’s paying attention to me… but it’s always nice to see a comment or two. 🙂 If you’re out there, please leave me a comment! Tell me what you like reading about, what you couldn’t care less about, if you’d like to see more pictures of that cute OSF boy, etc. I’m open to suggestions!

Ten on Tuesday

1) My current mission in life is to beat Chris’ weekly Farkle score. It’s very, very sad.

2) I currently despise Ryan and Chris for introducing this horridly time consuming game into my life.
3) Popping bubble wrap irritates the skin after awhile; my fingers are so sensitive now!
4) Really looking forward to getting some computer stuff done today: wedding pics, blog updates, writing, and research. Yes, I am a complete and total geek.
5) Got to go up to Sorrento Mesa today for work. That’s $22 to go toward my new/old car fund!
6) Speaking of the new/old car, I’ve decided to name it the White Demon. Hopefully WD will be ready to go by the weekend, and I can finally test out my ipod on the new stereo.
7) Fighting a cold still; hasn’t hit yet, but it’s pestering me to slow down just a bit so it can get me the second I start to think about it. That’s right, I’m on to you, Mr. Virus.
8) I decided to start stealing Chris’ facebook friends for my own. So far I’ve collected Cody, Emily, and Melody… oh so many more to gather!
9) When going through some clothes last night, I came across a white skirt that I think I’ve worn once in the past three years. Wore it to work today; it is delightful. Definitely going into the main group of clothes.
10) Listening to the Rent soundtrack over and over at work… because I keep forgetting to bring my work ipod back from home, and Rent’s the only CD I’ve got in here. Well, that and West Side Story.

Five on Friday

1) I finally, finally, finally got my 2006 taxes refiled. Turns out the government still owed me $490. Take that, IRS! Note to college kids: If your parents aren’t claiming you, make sure you get the form from your college that reports how much you paid in tuition that year, including what your loan company pays for you. You’ll get waaaaay more back.

2) My sore throat is finally, finally, finally better. The turn came on Wednesday, when I was able to get through the day without pain killers and manage to eat full meals. Last night I yawned for the first time in over a week. Let me tell you something: not being able to yawn, when you really need to yawn, is not a fun predicament. Try it right now. Try thinking about yawning without actually doing it. Don’t you want to yawn really badly now? Now imagine giving in to the need and getting shooting pain through your throat and ear when you try. 
I’m really happy that I can yawn again. In fact, I’m yawning right now.
3) On the way back from picking up my newly refiled taxes earlier, I stopped to treat myself to a 79 cent (86 cents with tax) coke at McDonald’s. The line was longer than usual, so decided to see if I could come up with the total using just change I had in my purse. I had to count out 36 pennies, but by the time I’d picked out all the change, I had exactly 86 cents. Not one cent over or under. And yes, I apologized to the cashier when I dumped a pile of coins into his hands. He didn’t mind. (He also didn’t bother counting; good thing I’m honest.)
4) The OSF and I are going camping tomorrow with some of his friends. Should be fun, and a great time for a photo op. Note to self: Charge camera battery.

5) The OSF tried to help me crash the Coldplay concert last night, but they were sadly sold out of tickets by the time we got there. Big bummer, since he already had a ticket, and our other friends were already inside Cricket waiting for us. After conversing with some shady scalpers and putting on our best ‘we need a ticket’ face, Chris ended up giving his ticket to a pair of girls who also only needed one, and we went up to the overlooking park to listen to the concert from there. Poor OSF! He flew home from his vacation early just for this concert. 😦 At least the sound reaching the park was better than the Rascal Flatt’s concert from March. 

Five on Friday

1) I saw the most ridiculous truck today. It was seriously like half hummer, half F350 on steroids. It tried to run me over in the Target parking lot, and then it pulled up to the front of the store while I was walking in. The Target boys waiting to load the grill into the back of it stared in awe at the monster, then looked at each and simultaneously said, “That’s awesome.” And I rolled my eyes. Because who the heck drives a tank like that, and doesn’t have clear self-esteem issues?

Oh, I found a picture of the thing. Here, you can decide for yourselves. Overcompensation, yes? And this picture doesn’t nearly do it justice as seeing in in real life about to run you over because the driver can’t see past the hood.

2) I think that people who talk very loudly shouldn’t work at pharmacies. Because what’s the point of having the ‘Wait at this point to respect other customers’ privacy’ line, if the guy behind the counter is just going to yell what you’re medication is anyway? If you ever have an illness you don’t want anyone to know about, do not go to the El Cajon Target pharmacy.

3) NCIS is the new love of my life. Andy got me hooked on it from reruns he watched on weekends, and now I’ve netflixed season four and put myself on the waiting list for all the other seasons at the library. Kind of sucks that everyone else loves it too, and I’m around number 47th in line for season one. I think Tony DiNozzo might be giving Logan Echol’s a run for his money in favorite male fictional character.

4) Tonight I am going to scrapbook for the first time all year.

5) Got a little pat on the back tonight at Costco photo. When I went to pick up the pictures I plan to scrapbook later, the guy asked me if the pictures I took were in fact mine. They don’t usually ask me that, so I answered yes, a little confused like. Then he told me they were marked as too professional looking by the printer, so I had to sign a form that they were in fact my pictures. Ha! He told me if I was going to be sending more pictures in like that I should just sign a professional photographer’s form so I wouldn’t have to sign the other sheet every time.

That pretty much made my day.

Five on Friday: Confessions Edition

Because I have quite a few things to confess this week. And I haven’t confessed in awhile. And there’s just some things that you can’t hide forever.

Here we go:

1) Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I love Spring Awakening too much. But almost immediately after I wonder if it is even possible to love something that is the definition of awesome too much. And the answer is definitely NO.
2) Matt Shingledecker is still my favorite SA person. Duncan Sheik was cool, but we were standing right in front of him, staring him down with hopeful eyes and pen and book ready, and he skipped over us to talk with some more important looking guys first. (Understandable, I guess, but we were next.) Lauren Pritchard was nice and polite, but she seemed to be in a hurry. (Again, understandable, it was like 11pm.)
But when we were waiting for Shingledecker at stage door, he came right over to us after just a glance. And that is why he’s my favorite.
(Matt Shingledecker: If you ever google yourself and come across this here blog, just know that you’re awesome, ‘kay?)
3) When I told Duncan Sheik on Wednesday night that I’ve listened to at least something off the Spring Awakening soundtrack every day since I discovered it in July, I most definitely was not lying. I’ve never been so infatuated with lyrics before in my life. 
4) Believe it or not, it’s really hard for me to make friends. Stresses me out like no other trying to get people to like me. 
Sometimes I have to give up on people because it’s just too hard. 
I had to give up on a few people this last month. 
5) Now that my wireless internet is working again, I’ve been watching movies on Netflix at night while I fall asleep. Netflix just put up a whole bunch of television shows in the Watch Instantly section. And, being bored watching The Office and Heroes episodes over again, I’ve turned to… Hannah Montana reruns. 
But it’s like an addiction! They’re such cute little kids, with such quirky little acting habits. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. Almost done with season two, about to start up season three. 
So if anyone has any non-Disney channel shows or movies to recommend, please leave your suggestions in the comments section.
6) I am normal. Got it reaffirmed yesterday. Technically not a confession, I suppose, but just wanted to share with you all (especially after those other five revelations). 
And besides, it’s Five on Friday, and I gave you my five already.

Five on Friday

1) Guacamole on Subway sandwiches does not taste good. I’m regretting it now because it totally ruined my whole sandwich.

2) Speaking of food, yesterday Jessica, Brittany, Genisee, and I went to Olive Garden for $6.95 soup and salad lunch (except they charged us $7.95). And I found my new favorite soup there: chicken gnocci. Yum, yum, YUM. I had warm, happy soup belly all day. And of course I could eat that salad all day. I think I need to go back there very soon.
3) I’ve been told today that my eyes are extraordinarily blue. It’s because I’m wearing a very blue shirt. Ssshhhh. Don’t tell anyone my secret to extraordinarily blue eyes.
4) Found an awesome blog today. If you ever find a lost camera, or lose a camera, go to this site. It’s good to know there are caring people in the world who just want to get your pictures back to you.
5) I’m hoping it stops raining for now; I’m itching to go home, get my camera, and take pictures outside with the cloudy gray light that’s going on out there. I think I’ll see if Britt wants to just walk around the neighborhood with me.