Confessions: Volume 8

I have never been on a plane.

True story.

Another true story: today is my first flight.


is what my subconscious is saying.

Pray for me, people! I’m (in the words of my illustrious TGO) scurred….


So excited… because wee sing!

Confession (but not a big enough one to constitute an actual Confessions entry… but still big enough that I’ll label it under Confessions):

I have looked long and hard, for years and years, for a CD version of Wee Sing Bible Songs.

Now, for regular readers of the ol’ blog, probably nothing nerdy that I do shocks you anymore. For those just tuning in, hi. I’m a nerd. I like to scrapbook, stay at home on Friday nights, and I’ve spent a number of years haunting the online library book catalog for a CD of children’s Bible songs.

But! I have my reasons!

When I was little, before they came out with DVD players attached to the back seats of SUV’s, we had these things called cassette tapes, and our family had two kinds: kids singing Bible songs and kids singing Broadway songs.

(I’ve already got all those Broadway tapes on CD; they were easy to find.)

We loved these tapes. We sang along from the time we could pronounce our first words until… well, I’ll still put on one of those Broadway Kids CD’s every once in awhile, so take what you will from that.

So! Imagine my excitement when I typed in a search a few weeks ago and found that the Wee Sing CD’s were currently being ordered for the San Diego County Library system… and there was only one person ahead of me on the hold list (probably the person who’d suggested they get the CD’s).

I got the CD’s today.

And they’re every bit as amazing as when I was five.

Someday my kids will listen to these songs while strapped into their car seats, as we run errands around town. And they’ll know the books of the Old Testament, the names of the twelve disciples, the stories of Jonah, Zaccheus, David, and Father Abraham, and that God’s got the whole world in his hands.

These are the important things to know when you’re five. Or twenty-five.

Confessions: Volume Six

You know that guy that gets periodically mentioned on this here blog? The OSF is his name? You might have heard of him, right? Maybe? Once in awhile? He hangs around a lot, was the one who put up our new blinds yesterday?

You know, that guy?

I’m just mentioning him here… for no reason whatsoever… other than that, well, I’ve decided, and he agrees, that since we’re always hanging out together anyway, anyway, that we might as well just, you know, go ahead and date.

(And if you get peanut butter, get smooth!)

** Edited for proper slang use. Thank you, Jessica and Chris.

Mystery Solved (With a Bonus Confession)

So I had to change my Saturday Goals to Weekend Goals, but I was able to get everything done (minus the 1,000 words) and even had time to do the following:

* Go on a photo outing to Coronado with Britt, Ryan, and Boy Jordan. Took around 50 pictures. Not bad for me, really. Considering last week there were 170 freakin’ pictures to go through…
* Have pie date night with Andy and Ryan, complete with watching a movie in the dark. It was sooooooo romantic!
* Played Halo with Andy until 1:30 in the morning. He beat me, but only because we’re playing Halo 3. He’ll get his when I get my hands on Halo 2 again.
* Went to Kearny Mesa to try on my dress for Sonia’s wedding. It’s super cute, in case anyone was wondering. That roommate of mine has good taste.
* Sunbathed by the pool for the first time this year.
* Caught up with Jenna on the various things we did this weekend. She was very impressed with my overall productivity.
Now, for the mystery and confession.
The confession is that I am deathly afraid of bees. Most of you who have spent any time with me know this is a truth fact. I’ve never been stung, but I have been half stung on three different occasions. How do you get “half stung”, you ask? When the stinger doesn’t quite make it from the bee to embedded in your skin. For example:
1) When I was nine I sat down in the grassy area at school and jumped back up when I felt a prick on my leg. I’d sat on a bee, and he’d tried to get me but failed to execute all the way. Nice try, Bee #1.
2) When I was a junior in college, a bee somehow found it’s way into my car when I was coming home from class. (That, by the way, is my biggest worry concerning bees- that they’ll come into my car to get me, and they have done so twice now.) I didn’t know it was there until I felt the prick on my sleeve covered arm and Bee #2 started buzzing to make his presence known. Stinger was either stuck on my sleeve or the bee managed to keep it; I never did find out.
3) During a game of barefoot ultimate frisbee I stepped on Bee #3. Bee #3 was successful in embedding his stinger in my foot. However, I happened to step on him just right so that (and this might be gross to some of you, so be prepared) the stinger somehow only threaded my skin instead of puncturing it, so the poison never actually got under my skin. 
As you can see, the bees are clearly out to get me.
And here’s where the mystery comes in. 
A year after the incident with Bee #2, a second bee had the audacity to fly in my car window and land on my knee while I was driving. I was stuck at a red light and trying not to hyperventilate when two things happened: the light turned green and the bee dropped to my feet. I made my turn and pulled over on the side of the road, jumped out, and immediately started flipping through names on my phone to see which one of my friends might be close enough to save me from the bee in my car.
Luckily, I’d only made it a block away from school and my good buddy Tim was not only in the library at that moment, but willing to jog down to be my knight in shining armor. With only minimal mocking, I might add. 
So Tim searched my car, even stuck his hands under the seats and did a sweep to try to scare the bee out, but he couldn’t find anything. And we couldn’t hear the buzzing anymore, so Tim concluded it must have flown out while he was on his way.
Uh-uh. I’d been watching for that precise thing. That bee was still in my car. Waiting. Biding its time until, a week later, it would fly from its hiding spot and sting my ankles. Both of them. Don’t ask me how it would sting me twice,  it was the bee’s plan. And he was a very tricky bee.
The bee never made it’s attack, and I slowly got over my panic every time I got in the car. About a year later, my friend Neil detailed my car for me, and I told him to be on the lookout for that bee, dead or alive (but probably dead, cuz, you know, it had been a year). He never found anything. And I thought, this bee is very well hidden.
About a year after that, which just so happens to be today wouldn’t you know, I was cleaning out my car really good. I was throwing things away and wiping down the dashboard and vacuuming and using this amazing cleaner to get rid of some carpet stains… and I found that darn bee.
Dead, of course. But he’d totally been hiding under the driver’s seat the whole time, because, if you’ll remember, his plan was to spring out and get me in the ankles.
I knew it all along.

Five on Friday: Confessions Edition

Because I have quite a few things to confess this week. And I haven’t confessed in awhile. And there’s just some things that you can’t hide forever.

Here we go:

1) Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I love Spring Awakening too much. But almost immediately after I wonder if it is even possible to love something that is the definition of awesome too much. And the answer is definitely NO.
2) Matt Shingledecker is still my favorite SA person. Duncan Sheik was cool, but we were standing right in front of him, staring him down with hopeful eyes and pen and book ready, and he skipped over us to talk with some more important looking guys first. (Understandable, I guess, but we were next.) Lauren Pritchard was nice and polite, but she seemed to be in a hurry. (Again, understandable, it was like 11pm.)
But when we were waiting for Shingledecker at stage door, he came right over to us after just a glance. And that is why he’s my favorite.
(Matt Shingledecker: If you ever google yourself and come across this here blog, just know that you’re awesome, ‘kay?)
3) When I told Duncan Sheik on Wednesday night that I’ve listened to at least something off the Spring Awakening soundtrack every day since I discovered it in July, I most definitely was not lying. I’ve never been so infatuated with lyrics before in my life. 
4) Believe it or not, it’s really hard for me to make friends. Stresses me out like no other trying to get people to like me. 
Sometimes I have to give up on people because it’s just too hard. 
I had to give up on a few people this last month. 
5) Now that my wireless internet is working again, I’ve been watching movies on Netflix at night while I fall asleep. Netflix just put up a whole bunch of television shows in the Watch Instantly section. And, being bored watching The Office and Heroes episodes over again, I’ve turned to… Hannah Montana reruns. 
But it’s like an addiction! They’re such cute little kids, with such quirky little acting habits. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. Almost done with season two, about to start up season three. 
So if anyone has any non-Disney channel shows or movies to recommend, please leave your suggestions in the comments section.
6) I am normal. Got it reaffirmed yesterday. Technically not a confession, I suppose, but just wanted to share with you all (especially after those other five revelations). 
And besides, it’s Five on Friday, and I gave you my five already.

Confessions: Vol. 2

I hate In’N’ Out.

Their burgers do not taste good to me.
Their fries taste bland.
The only item on their menu I find at all delightful is their milkshakes, but that’s because a milkshake at a fast food restaurant is pretty much the same as a milkshake at any other fast food restaurant.
So why go all the way out to their one of two East County locations just for a milkshake?
Some people travel miles just to go to In’N’Out. I don’t understand these people. If I’m craving a burger that bad in the middle of the night, McDonald’s is right down the street. And their burgers are cheaper. Or Jack in the Box. But really, Subway beats all of them anyway, so why even bother arguing about it?


I really like musicals.

I really like soundtracks from musicals.

And when I’m the only one in the office, as has been the case for the past two days, I rock the musical soundtracks all day long. I also sing along. 

I try not to sing too loudly, though, because these walls are pretty thin, and I don’t want the people at the family ministry next door to hear my private concerts. It’s like singing in your car; you don’t want everyone to hear you, and that’s why you do it there. 

In the rotation today:
Spring Awakening
Lea Michele’s rendition of On My Own

P.S. One of my new goals is to meet Lea Michele. That girl seriously rocks On My Own like no other. (Also, does anyone else think in that video she looks more like a girl disguised as a Jedi, rather than a girl disguised as a Revolutionary from Les Mis?)