Of television and coffee shops

My Monday on set went well. Got there early enough to go through the line quickly, had some yummy breakfast, and got quite a bit of reading done before we even started working. Things got interesting when we were lined up in groups of 16 and assigned a “counselor.” And then the A.D. just had a blast making as many references to summer camp as he could come up with.

My team was the Bravo squad, in case anyone was wondering. And we were the best team.
So the whole scenario yesterday was that a pilot currently filming in L.A. needed footage of a full stadium, hence our meeting at Petco Park. For about four hours we basically ran from section to section, filling the place up slowly but surely. Somehow the cameras will be able to piece it all together to show a full stadum, which absolutely amazes me, because there were a total of only 150 background used.
It may sound boring (and tiring), but it was actually pretty amusing. The A.D.’s and assistant A.D.’s kept reminding us to mingle with different people, don’t sit with the same person from the last shot, etc. They yelled at us to think of it as speed dating, to get out there and make new friends, occasionally shouting, “Hey, this guy’s got no friends! Who’s going to befriend this guy!”
I met some new people, sat with some kids I remember from the Ex List, ran into a guy named Paul who’d apparently been on set a lot with me, but we’d never run into each other. Then I sat next to this one guy who happened to catch me discreetly trying to get a picture of myself with the rest of the stadium and people behind me (to send to Andy with a “Wish you were here!” sentiment). We struck up a conversation about Rent since it was just here, and we eventually ran out of conversation, and I went back to my book.
I could see he wanted to keep the conversation going, but he wasn’t saying anything, so I kept reading.
Then he spoke up.
“Have you ever heard of Spring Awakening?”
Bam! That was my book hitting the concrete and sliding down to the next row. Conversation on! Sadly, we had only a minute and a half to discuss the amazingness that is Spring Awakening, before we were on to our next “speed dates.”
Four hours, 65 pages, and hundreds of steps later, the first A.D. yelled “Wrapped!” Everyone cheered and booked it for the exit. With 150 people working that day, check out could take up to an hour and a half. 
Luckily (and possibly selfishly), I’m okay with speed walking to the front of the group, and New Friend Paul and I made it out of there as number 3 and number 4 to exit. Then we slapped high five and headed to our respective cars. It was a good day.
I didn’t realize how exhausted, hungry, and, apparently, dehydrated I was until halfway to Andy and Ryan’s apartment. Stopped and got a Subway sandwich and some water, crashed on their couch with more water, and contentedly watched Jeapordy and NCIS for three hours with Andy, while intermittently falling in and out of a nap. What a great afternoon.
After that we went to Andy’s going-away-for-a-month party at Chevy’s ($3 margaritas at happy hour!), then back to the guys’ place to meet Chris for How I Met Your Mother. Then a couple episodes of Lost which they want to hook me on, and I’m finally succumbing to since everyone and their mother watches it.
And now it’s Tuesday night and the OSF and I are at the usual Starbucks haunt. I got my 1,000 words done early enough to mess around on facebook and Word Challenge it up. Don’t know what he’s doing, but I’m sure he’s being equally productive. 🙂


I’m sitting comfy like at the drive-thru Starbucks on El Cajon Blvd. This is the second coffee shop stop of the night. We got to Cutter’s in plenty of time to score two tables, but for whatever reason the internet wouldn’t work for our laptops. Unfair.

But I’m glad we moved because these chairs are sooooo much nicer than the ones we had at Cutter’s. And the place just totally cleared out, so we’ve got comfy and quiet all rolled into one Tuesday night.

It’s just delightful.

On the agenda tonight was the guys’ discussion of their 2009 goals, Ry’s and my discussion of the episodic show we want to start up, getting Chris to commit to Disneyland via bribery, and me trying to write at least 1,000 words. I’m at 317 so far. Not feeling as inspired as I was around 3:30 when I was itching to get out of work. We’ll see how this goes.

I was at Cosmos, and now I’m at Starbucks

Because that Dead-Last Brian or whatever I re-named him two posts ago, actually picked to go on last tonight, even when his name didn’t come up last for once. What is with that?

So I hit the road.

Actually, Ryan and New Friend Chris showed up, because I had promised them ample room to read peacefully, and it turns out an overwhelming crowd of Cosmos open night mic-ers made a liar out of me. (Next week I’m getting there at 5:45 to get that darn corner table! You watch me. Just watch me.) So we walked down the street to calm, peaceful, apparently smelling like a nail salon, Starbucks.

Fifteen tries to get online later, and here we are. You gotta love that Starbucks.

PS- Sorry, Brian, for ditching you. You may not know yet, but I’ve left. And we’ll see about next week.

PPS- Katelyn, wish you were here. I might have suffered through for you. But not for Brian.

So me.

Also titled, What I Did on My Day Off:

1) Slept to 9:30am
2) Went to work. I know, what’s a day off if you still have to go to work. Don’t worry. I was only there for a 20 minute meeting. Then I had the entire day stretched ahead of me, with no plans. So I improvised.
3) Went to Costco. I’d searched from 10am-10:30am for my box of contacts, as I am currently in desperate need of a new pair. I searched high. I searched low. They were nowhere to be found and I was starting to panic. (Contacts are expensive.) Then I thought to myself, Did I even pick them up from Costco last month? And the truth of the matter was that I had not. Fortunately, Costco keeps them for you, even if you’re a goof like me and don’t pick them up for thirty-seven days.
4) Went browsing at Barnes and Noble. It was crowded.
5) Went to Cutter’s Point with Jenna and Jenn-without-an-A. We’re still here. And I remember all the reasons why I love Cutter’s Point more than Starbucks, besides the free internet and glorious natural sunlight. And yes, I’m working on my writing… in between checking facebook and reading other people’s blogs… I’ve got like 125 words written.
6) Uploaded a few POTDs from the last week.

Explanation: Britt was going to toss this magazine cutout of John Krasinsky, but graciously asked if I wanted it. I told her if I found an 8.5 x 11 frame I would. I did find said frame, and said John is now displayed very prominently over my desk.
Explanaton: Time was running out for this POTD, so I simply set the camera up to take a picture of the room in general, where Ryan and I had been watching How I Met Your Mother episodes for hours. And Jenna came in right in the middle, and totally made it in the shot. I love it.

Explanation: None needed.

The wonder
of purple summer

I am normal.

Went to Cosmos tonight with Katelyn and Brian. As is the case on Tuesday nights, Brian was playing for open mic. I’ve gone a total of three times since July. “Dead Last Brian” as he will henceforth be called, of course was slotted to play the grand finale. The picture of the day comes from the first ten minutes of our three hour wait at the coffee shop, and I just love Katelyn’s face so much here that it beat out a picture of Brian actually playing. Such is life.

So while waiting for Dead Last Brian to do his thing, I hunkered down at a corner table with a book just in from the library: The Forest for the Trees (An Editor’s Advice to Writers). It’s good. Definitely kept me entertained for three hours and about 10 not very good performances. (Seriously. One guy was singing about dinosaurs.)

According to this book, I’m exactly the type to be a lifelong writer:
1) Have a new idea almost every day for a writing project? Check.
2) Begin sentences in your head while walking to work or picking up dry cleaning? Check.
3) Everything strikes you as a story to be told? Check.
4) Always writing, if only in your head? Check
5) Impulse to write at a very young age? Oh, those long, lone ten-year-old nights with the typewriter.
6) Intensely verbal or intensely withdrawn? I am both of those things to an extreme, in case you were wondering.
7) Accused of being too reflective? Do you people not know me at all?!
Congratulations to me! I am normal by the writing standard!
I really liked this quote, by Martin Amis: “You develop an extra sense that partly excludes you from experience. When writers experiene things, they’re not really experiencing anything like 100%. They’re always holding back and wondering what the significance is, or wondering how they’d do it on the page.” Is Martin Amis reading my mind?
I guess that quote translates into my life somewhat like this: I often wonder how differently I’m seeing things from other people. For instance, when my roommate and I are in the car, driving through the neighborhood, and there’s a boy and girl walking out of their house and disappearing behind a vine covered wall off the side of their yard, does my roommate automatically come up with the story that the vine covered wall is their secret passage to a secluded and restful garden, one where, in the midst of all the slummishness and graffiti covered signs of our La Mesa neighborhood, they can find a truly peaceful atmosphere to share their deepest secrets and past histories, because they are best friends in the truest sense of the word, having met only a week prior through a series of destiny defining events?
Or does she just see a boy and girl walking across the yard? Or does she even see them?
Cuz that’s my thought process all the time.
Maybe it’s just me and Martin.