Twilight the Movie was almost as bad as Twilight the Fourth Book.

I took Britt on a sister date today to see Twilight, my first time watching, her second.

And, man alive, did they ruin that book. I understand that for movies based on 300+ page books, they have to strip some things out, but generally, they’re supposed to leave the important things… such as, oh, off the top of my head, character motivation. Otherwise you’re just left with a stupid stock character who falls in love with a creepy vampire for no reason whatsover, and a 100 year old vampire who suddenly has made it his eternal life’s mission to protect this human girl… for no reason whatsoever.

You’ve got to leave in the important details, people. I can’t imagine that movie making any sense whatsoever to anyone who hasn’t read the book. One of the hardest things about transferring a book to movie is getting across the characters’ thoughts through what they’re doing, as opposed to reading them straight on the page, but it was like they didn’t even try to get in the characters’ heads.

Things like this make me sad.