Sneak peak


Oh, baby!

Tilted photo courtesy of Instagram’s inability to correction crop post-photo taking.

A glimpse of our shoot with the Santone twins. I just love his little face, his expression, and his clasped hands!

February the eighteenth: Trinity’s newborn shoot

One of my favorite types of shoots is newborns when the newborns belong to our friends. I don’t know why, I just feel much more comfortable squishing our friends’ babies into cute poses than I do with stranger’s newborns. Weird, huh? 
Trinity was splendid all afternoon. She slept soundly almost the entire time and let us dress and undress and headband and re-headband her the whole time. And did I mention she’s so little and squishy? I want to go back and do a whole second shoot with her because she was so darn cute!

New Year.

Chris and I started out the new year doing a newborn photo shoot for one of his best friends (yes, one of the infamous Ch(K)rises) and his wife, and his wife’s sister and husband, who had their baby on the same day. Yes, these cousins were born on the exact same day, isn’t that wild? I can’t post many, because Chris will be mad that he didn’t get to post them first (you know it’s a little true, babe!), but here are just a microscopic sampling of my favorites! I’m thrilled we got so many good ones, considering a certain newborn was SO NOT in the mood for pictures on that day. But in between the shrieking and sleeping and feeding, we managed to have a pretty awesome day of photography. 🙂

Zoey: 5 Months

Jenafer decided to make a deal with me concerning baby pictures. She decided in exchange for me doing a photo shoot with Zoey, she would cut and color my hair for free.


The OSF especially likes this deal, because he’d been wanting me to go blonder for awhile now.

So we went and did Zoey’s second photo shoot at the beginning of February. 

Let me tell you: that kid is cu-ute. I can’t handle it. And she’s soooo photogenic. It’s really unfair, because it makes my part of the deal so easy. 

I mean, come on. Look at her.

Zoey seems to like the photo shoots, too. I mean, sure I have to let her suck on the camera strap every once in awhile to keep her entertained, but it’s worth it to get these kind of photos.

And then, just when you think she can’t get any better… Jen busts out the pink flower headband.

(which Justin finds absurd, but he wasn’t home yet.)

Jen had wanted to get some shots of Zo in her I Heart Daddy shirt as a surprise to Justin for Valentine’s.

(FYI: This is the look that gets you whatever. you. want. Not that I’ve ever tried it, of course.)

But Justin came home from work right in the middle of this part of the shoot and spoiled the whole surprise. What a punk.

(FYI: This is a cute little family.)

The next weekend, Jen made my hair look amazing while we had a great conversation about the old days. I really appreciate friends like Jen and Justin, who’ve literally known me since elementary school. It rocks so much.

Bennett | 1 Month

Oh boy.

Talk about a heartbreaker. 

I mean, look at those eyes!

This kid is going to be smart, I’m pretty sure. Only one month old, and he followed my camera around the entire time. Since when are one-month-olds that alert? 

He’s just so cute, I can’t stand it!

Thanks to Mel and Chris Holz (my Chris’ best friend from elementary and high school) for making a little cutie pie, and then letting me play photo shoot with him! Also for totally getting into the whole thing, including the Naked Baby (a necessity for any newborn photo shoot, obviously) and dashing off to find props which included a pencil and a violin. Loved hanging out with them and Bennett!

Also: Congratulations Chris Holz for getting the OSF over his anti-baby-holding stance. Turns out all you have to do is surprise him by immediately handing him a swaddled child the second he walks in the door. With no time to react, he just accepts the bundle.

He looks good with a kid, doesn’t he?

Don’t worry, OSF, I know, I know: “Don’t get any ideas.”

I’m just saying.

You know. Maybe for later

Way later.

What two {months} looks like

I had the greatest time at Jen and Justin’s house on Friday taking pictures of the little Zo-zo. She is so spectacularly adorable, whether she’s sleeping, crying, or looking around in consternation. I ended up with around 300 pictures from the hour I was there, and managed to get them down to around 125 favorites. (Which I think is quite an accomplishment for a photo hoard like me.) Here are just a few of those favorites:

And we’re done. 🙂


Can you believe this kid here has a baby of his very own? This is the kid I remember playing Stratego with during elementary school recess. The one who got me and him a detention in fifth grade. The guy who is part inventor of the barrel game. The one who typed up our whole high school round robin story, and who, I think, actually treasures it the most.

Sniff. They grow up so fast!

After a long hard day at the hospital on Monday, the doctors finally decided little Zo just didn’t want to be bothered with a little ol’ thing such as being born, and at 11:32pm, Zoey Dawn Aubrey was brought into the world via c-section, to the two most loving and wonderful parents I could ever imagine anyone having.

Seriously, Jen was a trooper the entire time. All the pictures popping up on facebook depict a smiling, happy, high-spirited Jenafer all day long. And when I went to visit Tuesday morning, not a mere twelve hours after the ordeal, she was still bright-eyed and glowing with joy. You go, Jen!

The best thing about Jen and Justin having a baby? Jen’s totally the type of mommy who wants to do newborn pictures, immediately, before she grows another inch! So sometime next week we’re going to have ourselves an awesome photo shoot, complete with bright blankets and an alert and naked baby. 😉

How precious is this one? Right?!

And me with little Zo-zo. Justin handed her off to me the second I walked in the room, despite my usual newborn hesitancy. (Of course, at nearly 10 pounds, Zoey makes it feel like you’re holding a one month old.)

August 17, 2009: Happy birthday, Zoey!