the cats

I realize that, considering the new name of the blog, there have been no Jack & Sawyer pictures recently. It’s been mostly school stuff, because that’s what’s been on my mind most these last ten months. So here’s a couple of recent Jack & Sawyer shots of their ridiculous cuteness and antics.


We’ve recently been letting them hang out with us in the office, since they love being with us, and we’re locked up in there so much. They’ve gotten used to settling down somewhere or getting kicked out. But much as we try to keep them off the desk, they just love sitting in this corner between us.

cats on the desk


Sawyer’s my afternoon nap on the days I come home too exhausted to continue.

sleepy cat napping on bed


Sawyer likes to steal our chairs when we get up in the office. We decided to watch a move in the living room and he refused to leave the chair, so Chris wheeled it out so he could be part of the family.

cat taking over desk chair


Then we left it out there for a couple days, which they both loved.

cat taking over desk chair


On days when I’m working by myself in the office, Jack likes to stretch out between Chris’ keyboard and monitor.

cat asleep on desk behind keyboard cat asleep on desk


It’s rare that they’ll both share something–usually Sawyer gets irked and leaves, but the love of the chair draws them closer together.

cats take over desk chair


It’s been getting a lot hotter around here, which means we can usually find this guy napping in the basin sink.

cat asleep in the sink


It really is like having children: they even wake us up early in the morning.

cat waking up owner


When the office gets too hot (the windows let in a LOT of sun, and all our electronics does not help the temp), I bring my laptop to the dining room, and Jack usually cuddles up in my arm while I work.

cat cradled in arms cat cradled in arms


Chris bought some firefly lights and big jars for a wedding show we did in May, and Jack was both fascinated and freaked by the final product.

cat checks out firefly lights


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