February the twentieth: The day we celebrated the presidents

On this delightfully extended weekend, Chris decided we needed to get out of the house to do something. So after stopping by the hospital to drop off lunch for our friend Emily (whose son Everett is being monitored at the hospital for a case of bronchitis), and after a quick house cleaning/editing some sneak peak newborn pics for Jen and Justin, we headed northeast to Ramona. Our goal was to find good shoot locations. We found diddly in this regard. However, this is a cool tree-enclosed path we found at the base of Iron Mountain.

After Iron Mountain, we stumbled on a park that looked promising, Dos Picos, but as luck would have it, we pulled into the parking lot right when they were about to lock the gate. Everywhere else we found that looked cool was surrounded by barbed wire. Darn you, you selfish people who own land that just sits there becoming overgrown with weeds glistening in the sunset that only benefit a photographer!

So the only pictures I got today were at Iron Mountain: Chris trying to capture a pretty weed, and the landscape facing the sun.


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