Curiosity soaked the cat.

So our cats really like water. I think I’ve established this before.

Today, I was taking a shower. And as usual, Jack had snuck in the bathroom and was trying to play with the water pooling in the tub. Now generally, he doesn’t actually play in the tub when the shower head is on. Generally. He’ll totally jump in occasionally.)

Jack decided today that he needed some cuddling, like right that second. I happened to be trying to shave my legs. And apparently my raised knee looked like a perfect step in the direction of getting closer to my face for cuddling.

So Jack jumped.

And he didn’t even mind that he was getting wet, or that I had to grab his little cat behind with my shaving cream filled hand to keep him from slipping off. He just stared at me with those half-closed eyes, which everyone knows is the universal cat sign for “this is just the greatest moment of my life.



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