Week before Christmas update

Things that are happening:

– We’re on Christmas break. Chris’ last day until after New Year’s was today. Mine was Friday.
– We were hoping to move into our new condo this past weekend.
– That did not happen.
– We are learning that banks just suck. And the people signing your loan documents won’t give you their names and locations, because people like me will use their vacation time to sit at said loan officer’s desk and stare at them until they sign the paperwork.
– My goal for the first half of break is to finish the first two TPA’s for my credential. They’re due January 3, but I’d like to enjoy some of my vacation.
– We’re going shopping for a bed frame and bedroom furniture tomorrow. We bought a real mattress last weekend- the first real mattress for both of us.
– It’s raining like crazy here in San Diego.
– Braved the rain to go to the post office and DMV. One thing rain is good for: it keeps people away from the post office and DMV.
– One point for rain.
– I’m trying to convince Chris to sneak over to the new condo and start painting the inside of the cabinets. I really want to be able to put the kitchen stuff away as soon as we move in. And I can’t do this without freshly painted and lined cabinets.
– We wrapped most of our presents on Saturday. Took lots of pictures. Made tags with the Slice.
– Got Chris some awesome Christmas presents.
– I’m writing this blog in bed. Chris is annoying me while I’m writing this blog in bed. He wants to know what I got him for Christmas.
– He’s so cute.


One thought on “Week before Christmas update

  1. sarah b. December 22, 2010 / 8:41 pm

    One nice thing about prolonged escrow: you don't make your mortgage payment for awhile longer yet!

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