A brief history of blogging

For people who’ve been following me FOREVER on this blog (when did I start? 2004? I think that was when this whole internet fad hit the nurse’s station at camp.)

Anyway, you’ve been with me through xanga. (Dang. Remember xanga? Is anyone on xanga anymore?)

Then you followed me to blogger, into The Puzzle Box. We stayed there for a few years, before I dwindled a little bit on the blogging. You know, there was a lot going on then. Graduating college… and… hmmm… the heck did I do after I graduated college?

Not sure. I didn’t write it down. But six months later I started another new blog. That blog is this one here, though back then it had a different name…

What’s Your Story? was soooo 2008. It was simple. Fun. I really got into my groove that year.

In late 2008 I discovered the amazingness of Spring Awakening. And one of their songs inspired both my 2009 goals and new blog:

Nope. I didn’t do sadness that year. Mostly because in January 2009 I re-met the OSF, and you all know the rest of that story.

Halfway through 2009, I realized, hey! My header’s kind of dark. I need to change it up a bit:

I guess this would be called 2009 2.0? The name of the blog was still Don’t Do Sadness, just with a lighter, friendlier look.

Then this year I switched it up to the blog you all know and love:

So what’s in store next for the smallblondeone’s blog? Well, it’s been awhile since I changed up the URL, and I was thinking since I’m getting married and starting this whole new life anyway, anyway, then maybe I’d just go ahead and start a whole new blog for these crazy new adventures?

Things. They are a changing.

Be prepared.

2010. A new blog.

The adventures of thesmallblondeone… the married years.


One thought on “A brief history of blogging

  1. Sarah B. August 30, 2010 / 4:08 pm

    Wow I love the new header that you made!

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