Mail Call

Okay, so now that we’re less than 50 days out, this whole wedding thing has started getting pretty exciting. For instance, we now have really fun mail on a regular basis. Yes, they are in the form of RSVPs, but you look at our awesome logo and tell me you wouldn’t love seeing five or six of those postcards in your box everyday.

We (read: I) make a game out of it too. Either Chris grabs the mail on his way in or he hands me the key when he gets home and I throw some sandals on to go get it myself. Then we keep them upside down until Chris pulls up our guest ledger, and begin flipping them over one by one to see who’s coming. So far, I feel I’m kicking Chris’ butt in RSVPs from my side, but he points out that there are still a LOT more blank spaces on his to fill.

We’ve filled up about half our expected spots- now comes the point where we find out if we sent out way to many invites than we can comfortably seat!


One thought on “Mail Call

  1. Jessica August 8, 2010 / 7:40 pm

    your RSVP cards don't have an actual address on them! how did they get back to you?

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