What I love…

1) So I’ve been blog lurking on ThePigBear for years now. Erin Cobb’s got all kinds of great stuff on there, and she has the cutest freaking kids on the planet. If you are a fan of cute kids + Glee, you need to watch the video on her latest post:

Oh, goodness. This makes me want to have kids as soon as I’m married.

(But don’t tell the OSF. He gets scurred about that kind of stuff. 😉 Cause we have a plan, and it does not involve getting prego right off the bat.)

2) Speaking of freaking cute kids, I found Chris’ yearbooks!  And wouldn’t you know who’s the most adorable pilgrim of 1989?

3) What else do I love? Our invitations! Chris got them from the printer today, and they are amazing! Tonight will be spent addressing, stuffing, and stamping!

4) And here’s one that I hate: LOST! I hate that show. Clearly the writers put no thought into any of it. They started off strong, wrote themselves into a corner, and made it all fluffy and “because that’s how it is” at the end. It’s like book 4 of Twilight all over again!


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