Ryan’s B-Day

Since Ryan’s Lost birthday last year was such a hit, Chris and I were hemming and hawing over what to do this year. We discovered that it’s not a smart move to pull out all the stops early on, because anything you do henceforth will just be lame.
So Sarah came through with the win this year. She discovered that some singer Ryan loves happened to be playing a small concert at Angel’s stadium before a game. And it turns out that, lucky enough for us, Ryan had been having an inkling to go to a baseball game.
Love it when things like that work out.
Our first picture is of our lunch- Sarah convinced us to go vegetarian for the day, and, no, that is not real chicken. But it was good faux chicken. And apparently good for us to boot. The chili however was lacking. No healthy chili for me!
Two TGO’s, lunching it veggie style.
And off to Angel’s stadium! To pose in front of Mickey!
Pretty quiet game. Nothing happened till around the eighth inning.
We were far more into taking pictures and egging on the beach ball that kept making its way onto the field. Oh! And we cheered so loud when the wave went around the stadium three times!

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