Babies love the OSF…

I’m lucky and here’s why:

I’ve got two and a half willing subjects to photograph every couple of months, when my need to photograph takes over my life and I find myself photographing my own shoes just to get pictures taken.
They are very cute willing subjects.
I’m also lucky because I’ve got this guy to tag team with now:
(He’s so hot with a camera bag strung over his shoulder.)

Unfortunately, not all of my two and a half subjects were so willing on this particular day:

You may have noticed that in almost every picture, Zo is looking slightly off camera.

For instance, here:

And here:

And here’s why:

I love that guy.

And Jen, Justin, and Zoey too! (Even if Zo loves Chris more than me!)

See Chris’ pictures at his Flickr site. See the rest of mine at Shutterfly.


3 thoughts on “Babies love the OSF…

  1. Jessica July 1, 2010 / 4:00 am

    you have 4 willing subjects over here! And my kids have some new matching dresses that are dying to be photographed! Please come take pics!! šŸ™‚

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