The artichoke dip at our wedding will be fabulous.

If you learn nothing else from this simple blog, remember this at least.

We went today to try out the food that will be served at our wedding. The main chef offered a tasting for us at his condo, and we weren’t sure what this meant? Were we getting a meal? Were we getting bite-sized pieces of the main dish? Why were we paying $50 for this?

But holy vegetables-that-I-don’t-even-like, Batman; that artichoke dip was worth the $50.

We basically got an awesome sit-down lunch at the guys’ place, where he served us all the main foods that would be at the wedding. We started out with a couple of the appetizers, mainly the dip and some sausage he had prepared. Then we tried the two different types of chicken he had, though he promised we would pick the second one (we did) and then we try the pasta too. At one point he asked me why I looked so dazed (this guy kept it real, P.S.), and I told him I was trying to figure out how he made this chicken so perfect.

And he told me his secret. Seriously, he did.

But I can’t tell you. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Okay, I’ll tell you part of it. The part about where he gets his chicken. (Drum roll, please.) He gets it at Costco. Apparently the stuff they sell us at the stores is the lowest of the low, and all the restaurants buy from specific wholesale places that serve the real, non Food Inc. chickens, so no matter how awesomely you cook, it will never be as good as something you will find at a restaurant. But apparently Costco does a good job of getting some of this good chicken. And also beef and fish.

So here’s what we’ve learned: Costco chicken good. Vons chicken bad. And artichoke dip is in our future.


2 thoughts on “The artichoke dip at our wedding will be fabulous.

  1. melody May 9, 2010 / 1:20 pm

    I AM TELLING YOU. Artichokes have it together. They're a lot of work, but hey, when you pay someone to do the work for you, and you just enjoy them…that's how it's done, folks.
    ALSO. I wish I would have told you about buying meat at Costco. It's what I do. It's like, my mother raised me to know how to do like 5 things in the kitchen:
    1. boil water
    2. saute garlic and butter
    3. cheat with the microwave
    4. cook rice pretty well
    5. always buy meat at Costco!
    I stock up on chicken, ground beef, sometimes steak, and throw it in the freezer, and then I almost always have the start-ups necessary for a great dinner!
    yay costco!

  2. Sarah B. May 10, 2010 / 6:44 pm

    your post definitely made me go to the store and buy an artichoke πŸ™‚

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