The Repentance Story of a Future Wife of a Designer

Get ready, people- this one’s gonna be sappy!

In response to my frequent blog rants about the difficulties of being engaged to a designer who likes to design and wishes to design many things and constantly talks about the design of our wedding (and our invitations… and our centerpieces… and our bridesmaid dresses… and my shoes…), my designer fiance has written a rebuttal on his own blog.

If you haven’t read it yet, you should. Among other things, he refers to me as a child with ADD. And calls me crazy. And something about the Easter bunny, which is really just ridiculous.

And while, yes, I maintain the fact that it is hard marrying a designer, I have also found the following to be true:

1) I love that Chris is a designer.
2) I love that he is creative and passionate and tries to incorporate both of those traits in everything he does.
3) This includes our wedding.
4) These are traits that I have always admired in him.
5) They are, in fact, the traits that first led me to him.
6) Would I ever want to change that about him?
7) No.

So in these last couple of weeks, as I have lamented the fact that Chris has opinions and wants to make our wedding awesome, I’ve also realized that I love him so much for it. Even when he’s driving me slightly crazy with “the big picture, all the time” and I just want to look at “the little picture, for now, please.”

Like he said, love is hard work. Sometimes you have to compromise. Sometimes you have to concede that the bridesmaid dress he picked out is pretty awesome. Sometimes you have to concede that you only bought those yellow shoes to get something accomplished that day. Sometimes you have to take a match and burn that damn Pantone wheel. 

Here’s the sap part:

I realized all this last Friday, as I was driving home from work. I was on the 125 in rush hour, and I was doing that thinking and praying simultaneously thing that you sometimes do when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Well, I was feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork, with real work, with the wedding… especially with the wedding, and with Chris, for wanting to put so much work into the planning and the details and the research and the… let’s just say it was overwhelming.

And then suddenly I wasn’t overwhelmed with all that stuff anymore. It was back burner stuff. Instead, I was hit with the overwhelming blessing Chris is in my life. How he makes me smile, and laughs at the same things I laugh at, and is content to sit for hours with me on our laptops, and appreciates beauty, and appreciates me, and works so hard, and feeds me, and takes care of me, and a million other things that just take my breath away when I pause to think about them.

He is amazing.

And to think that God’s given him to me, to stand beside me, and love me, and be my family, it’s just so incomprehensible that such a blessing as he is could be given to me.

And I’ll admit it. I was crying a little as I drove down that 125 in rush hour. And when he called me two seconds later with a wedding question, I blurted out, “I was just thinking about how much I love you!” And then everything was great.

So marrying a designer is hard work. And marrying a non-designer is hard work.

But I think we’re going to make it just fine.


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