Telling our peeps

The invitations have gone out.

The calls have been made.

And ten lucky contestants have been chosen to play Wedding Party Idol.

Just kidding. There’s no contest. We want everyone to just be best friends. 

(And we’d prefer if most of them didn’t sing.)

(If your name is Sarah Trementozzi, you can sing.)

Yes, I sent invitations to my bridesmaids. And, yes, they all knew I’d picked them before they got their invitations. I’m all not-good-at-keeping-secrets awesome that way. 

I made the invites with scalloped note cards, envelopes, and ribbon from Joann’s Crafts, along with Chris’ nifty printer that only ruined three pages by rotating the little card halfway through the printer duct. (Is that the appropriate terminology for the part of the printer where you know something is going terribly wrong and yet your fingers can’t reach in to fix it or at least salvage the quickly diminishing numbers of scalloped cards?)

Chris contemplated invitations for his guys, but in the end he settled on the quick and dirty method:

“Hey, Chris*. Want to be in my wedding? Awesome. Hey when do we want to go golfing** next?”

And since I just named off all the guys, here’s the list of girls, for those of you who have tiny screens and can’t read the girls’ names on the picture above (or for those of you who don’t know you can click on pictures to enlarge them….): my sister Britt, Chris’ sister Sarah, and my amazing roommates Jenna, Sonia, and Mandy.

*Substitute Chris for Kris, Cody, or Ryan.
** Substitute golfing for watching 24 or going to a concert.

One thought on “Telling our peeps

  1. Ry May 8, 2010 / 6:45 pm

    AWWWW… you have the song from Wicked on your invites!!! That song always makes me misty eyed… you're too awesome, TGO.

    Man. I just got a call. Chris could've at least sang like… “My Junk” to me when he called. 😛

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