Inappropriate Shoes

Alternate Title: Why marrying a designer is such hard work: Part two

I’m going to have yellow flats for my wedding shows. Here is my reasoning for this:
1) We’re getting married on grass; heels have a propensity to sink in grass
2) I’m not planning on walking around on heels all day anyway… even when we’re not standing on grass
3) Why would I spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of white satin strappy sandal things that I’ll never wear again?
4) Nobody’s going to see my feet anyway.
5) It’s way more fun.

Chris agreed on all of the above terms, but mostly I think because on his search for wedding photographers, he’s found fun pictures of the bright colored shoes hiding under girls’ wedding dresses, and I’m sure he envisions this for our wedding picture portfolio.

So I went looking for yellow shoes at Payless on Saturday.

I found a pair of tiny heels instead. Yellow. Comfortable. Won’t sink far into the grass. Twenty bucks. Perfect.

Sent the picture to Chris.

He hated them and proceeded to email me a list of approved yellow shoes. He said tiny heels are for four year olds. (?) His specifications are either real heels or no heel at all.
(This is me rolling my eyes.)
Here’s his pre-approved list:

(Um, how are the heels I picked out any smaller than these ones?!)

(Okay, I like these ones.)

(And these ones. I think these might be the winners. Soooo comfy looking.)

(And these ones I found on my own!)
So I’ve got to make a trip back to Payless to return some four-year-old heels. Sadly, I’ll have to pick out another pair of $20 shoes, since I used the heals to buy a BOGO pair of cute brown heels for work.
Sigh. Life is so hard marrying a designer.
But I suppose it’s worth it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Inappropriate Shoes

  1. Melody Holz April 28, 2010 / 2:54 pm

    I kiiiiiiiiind of have to agree with Chris on this one. The shoes themselves weren't 4-year-old….but they didn't really COMMIT to being heels either. it's like they were training heels. But I know you saw comfort… I gotcha. I liked all the ones he sent you, and honestly, that's more of what I was picturing. something more “unexpected” under a wedding dress. the payless ones were a bit predictable. (and the yellow was kind of soft). but here's my real question: Do you want to pick out your dress first???? then get shoes that complement, or whatever? just a thought. 🙂
    p.s. I told Chris now that he has 5 followers, count them, 1, 2,3,4,5, he better update at least weekly.

  2. thesmallblondeone April 29, 2010 / 4:21 am

    Okay, yes, mine are a bit unimaginative. But my rant was mostly directed toward the fact that Chris is “flats or big heels- there is no in between.” He's such a punk that way. 🙂

    Good job telling him how it is about blog updates. 🙂

    Also- I think you should start a blog, even if it is just about Bennett. Some of my fave blogs are from stay at home moms and the weird things their kids do. And from someone who's been blogging for years now, it's way fun to look back at past entries. I'm super glad I've kept it up all this time. 🙂

  3. poloair2303 April 30, 2010 / 12:46 am

    *I should have wrote “commenced”

    **You did post shoes from my second batch. My bad.

    ***I'm supper serious about the black heels…do I need to stick Jenna on you? 😛

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