Today I swam in white lace.

I met my mom and sister at David’s Bridal for Round Two of the Search for The Dress (note the capitalized conjunction; we mean business here, people). Round One was a couple weeks ago with Sonia, Jenna, and Brittany. I wasn’t allowed to post any pictures since a certain future husband reads the blog faithfully and refuses to see any and all wedding dress paraphernalia… at least the ones that I’m in. 

But as I went through the pictures from today’s excursion, I found this little gem, taken by my baby sister, that is totally pre-husband approved. This is me in between dresses, which is why I’m merely peeking my head out of the dressing room. I believe this was between dress #5 and going back to dress #2. 

Dress #2 seems to be the crowd favorite around here. All the roommates loved it last time, and my mom and sister voted on it hands down today. I’m mostly thrilled that I can wear it in a size four. Let’s keep it real, people.


One thought on “Today I swam in white lace.

  1. Sarah B. April 16, 2010 / 9:11 pm

    sooo cute! my cousin took pics of me trying on dresses and i wanted to show them off but I knew that josh would see them! I got my dress from Davids bridal too! I bought the first dress I tried on… I tried on others but the whole time i kept thinking, this is not as beautiful as first one! I hope you had a blast trying on dresses!!! 🙂

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