Some happenings

Friday, April 2: Chris’ first day off for Easter break, my fifth. We make a day of going down to Robbin’s Brothers, not once, but twice, to deal with the ring fiasco, going to Chris’ work, not once, but twice, for Chris to finish up some work from the day before, and for me to use Erin’s computer to surf wedding blogs, and finishing off the day going to Coronado for Chris to see firsthand what the community center looks like. 
He liked it.
We booked it.
It was beautiful.
But he wouldn’t stand still for a picture.
Saturday, April 3. Chris brought home from work the Pantone color swatches.
I hate these things. Really, really hate them.
Chris: Pick colors you like for the wedding!
Jordan: It’s hard for me to pick off a piece of paper. I need to see the colors in texture and on fabrics.
Chris: But we need a base color to jump off of.
Jordan: Okay… grumble, grumble… but I’m just picking colors I like… I don’t think they go together well for a wedding scenario. I’d still need to see them in real life….
Five minutes later….
Chris: You just picked all the lightest shades of blue! And Easter egg green and yellow!
Jordan: I told you this was a bad idea!
Chris: You are the worst color picker ever!
Jordan: I knew I should have made him sign my previously mentioned disclaimer. 
So if you leave knowing nothing else, know that the Pantone color swatches are evil and cause dissension in relationships.

Thursday, April 8. We get the contract for the site in the mail and with it comes… a layout of the room, complete with little punch outs of tables, chairs, and dance floors of all sizes. It was pretty sick, until we realized it all wasn’t quite to scale, and neither Chris nor I can handle something like, but we had some fun with it anyway.
This is Chris’ favorite layout: dance floors, all night, all over.

One thought on “Some happenings

  1. poloair2303 April 30, 2010 / 8:12 am

    Babe, I forgive you for being colorblind. I realize that the Pantone fan must be frustrating to look at when all you see is one big shade of ugly. 😛

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