There was this one day I got engaged, Part Five: Faux Zach Quinto takes my engagement pictures

So Zach Quinto had just come down the stairs into the cave, carrying a hefty camera. Like, this guy knew what he was doing. He began taking pictures of the signatures on the cave walls above my head, occasionally pausing for a close up of something fun on the wall closest to him, occasionally snapping one near the older couple near us. I tried not to make it obvious that I kept glancing at him, because he freaking looked a lot like Zach Quinto. Whom I happen to love, by the way. 

While I was sort of stalking faux Zach Quinto with my eyes, Chris had meanwhile knealt down to put the camera away. He rummaged around in the bag, moving lenses around (he had Cody’s along with him, too, remember), handing me a lens while he adjusted the camera into the pouch. When he handed me a lens, faux Zach Quinto quick snapped a picture in my direction. And I thought, hmmmmmm… that was kind of weird, but I’m not above taking pictures with random strangers in them either… maybe he really liked the OSF’s backside. (And who doesn’t, really?) So I didn’t think much of it, and besides he had turned to take another picture of the other couple there anyway.

Chris took the lens back from me, and I continued to secretly stare at faux Zach Quinto, who was again busying himself with the names etched into the wall. He really did look just like him. His face was the same, his hair was the same, even the way he carried himself. All he needed was a pair of trendy glasses and-

Then Chris was saying my name, and I looked down, expecting to get another lens to hold. Instead, he had sat back and was holding a box. I didn’t recognize the box. It was reddish and square, and I thought maybe he had some new piece of camera equipment that I hadn’t seen before. 

Then I looked at him and wondered why he was sitting kind of funny. And I noticed Zach Quinto snap another picture in my direction.

Then Chris asked me to marry him… and I stared at him, wondering what in the world was going on.

Then he opened the box. And I did this:

Let’s see a close-up of that face, shall we?

Here’s what was going on in my head in the ten seconds between “Will you marry me?” and me finally catching on to what was happening:

“Why is he sitting like that… what did he just say… why is Zach Quinto looking at me and smiling… what’s in the box… wait, what?! Here?! Now?! This is happening right now?! This is it?!”

That’s what was going on while I had my hands over my mouth in shock. Then I spoke and it came out like this:

“What? Here? Now? This is happening right now?! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. Really? Here? Right now?!”

(Which he later told me might have come across sounding a little negative, like, “Really? Here? In this cave?” which is not at all the tone I was going for, mostly because I wasn’t trying for a specific tone, my mouth was just saying words that were in my head. And my head’s tone was incomprehension, which apparently doesn’t translate well.)

I still wasn’t quite sure it was all happening. I needed a hug.

Then I started shaking, and possibly crying just a little. Because this was a total and complete shock that my mind was trying to wrap itself around.

Around this picture, I started figuring out what was going on. Chris was proposing. Right at this moment. A week after he’d convinced me it would be months before he’d do it. He was doing it now!

And all I could think was why isn’t someone taking pictures of this?!

I know, I know- I’m a real genius. But I was having a moment, people! 

Ten seconds after that, I realized duh! Zach Quinto, who I’d completely forgotten about at that point, was taking pictures of us! Chris must have hired this guy, because I’d never seen him in my life… 

And then I figured out who Zach Quinto must be: Garrett, the new guy at Chris’ work! The only one who hadn’t been at the Christmas party! And who Chris had failed to ever mention looked exactly like Zach Quinto!

Good thing, because I’d have recognized him on the spot.

Garrett/Zach Quinto, you crafty guy!

At this point, Chris asked, “So… you want to see the ring?” Because I hadn’t actually looked at it yet in my disbelief.

This is me looking at it for the first time:

Guess what? It was the Robbins Brothers’ ring I’d loved from the beginning. The OSF had been hiding it in his golf bag for the last month and a half. Even though we’d gone to at least two ring places since then!

He is much sneakier than I gave him credit for.

Our very own Zach Quinto took some more photographs for us while I continued to shake and smile and ask a bazillion questions about how this could possibly be happening at this very moment.

Then we came back out of the cove and admired the beautiful ring in the daylight.

This is the OSF thinking success! I surprised her after all her telling me I couldn’t pull it off! I showed her good!

Yes, you did, babe. It was the best I could have ever imagined.


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