There was this one day I got engaged, Part Three: The Food Poisoning Part

Chris and I stayed home last Tuesday with food poisoning. We had had a few bites of salmon on Sunday night that hadn’t quite been cooked all the way, and that’s what we blamed it on. So we spent a miserable little vacation day watching Veronica Mars and eating Saltines.

Chris recovered just fine, but for some reason I stayed semi-sick Wednesday and Thursday, then had a complete relapse on Friday. This was problematic, because Chris had made reservations for us to go whale watching on Saturday, as his “new thing of the month.” I texted him at lunch on Friday to ask if he’d lose money if we couldn’t go. He texted back that he cancelled the reservations. My co-workers at lunch gave me suggestions about how to get better. I headed home early and slept the rest of the day.

The next morning, Saturday, (yes, the Saturday!) I woke up early. And this is where the first miracle happened. Because I don’t get up early on Saturdays. If, on the rare chance, I happen to wake up early, I simply roll over and fall asleep again. On this particular Saturday, however, I lay in bed, awake at 7:45am, and thought, “Hey, why not get some homework done right now?”

I know, right? Totally a God thing.

Chris asked if we could go do something outside if I finished my work early enough, since it was such a beautiful day and I was feeling better and we were missing out on whale watching and all that. I suggested geocaching, and he got to work writing down coordinates for geocaches around La Jolla Coves.

At 12:30, we were in the car, free from homework for the weekend, and headed into the rest of our beautiful day.


One thought on “There was this one day I got engaged, Part Three: The Food Poisoning Part

  1. mysteria456 March 27, 2010 / 8:00 am

    I'll have to keep in mind that God will have me do crazy stuff, like get up early the day of my engagement. Good to know. 😉
    That is awesome that it worked out that way.

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