Five on Friday

1) I was reviewing my goals this afternoon (while again putting off homework), and I was trying to come up with a way to ensure I really would read my Bible every day. I used to be so good at being faithful to that. Years and years of waking up for 6:30am personal devotions at camp took quite a while to shake off. But I’m trying to get back into that habit… it just hasn’t stuck yet. In my search online for some ideas, I came across this: the One Year Bible Blog. It looks pretty neat-o! They’re going through the Bible, and each blog entry has commentary, thoughts, questions- it’s like a whole little online devotion book. I’ll definitely be keeping track of this site.

2) Yesterday my project at the Sorrento Mesa office was to print library cards for all the books with missing library cards, which I had gone around and found on Wednesday. I stopped in the kitchen first for some water, just in time for people to be pulling out leftovers of Pat & Oscar’s chicken wings, caesar salad, and breadsticks. Perfect timing, anyone? They told me to load up a plate, which I did. I loaded it up so big that I had to carry my cup of water with my teeth back to the book room. Yes, I am that professional. 

About half hour in to work, I was enjoying myself so much that I had to share my good time with Chris in this text:

Kind of loving work right now, babe. I’ve taken over Bill’s desk, got a pretty good itunes library loaded on the computer I’m working on, and there’s tons of Pat & Oscar’s food in the kitchen. I’ve got a plate full of caesar salad next to me while I search through the inventory. 🙂

And this is the message I got back:

You are too funny. It’s always the simple things you love. What a cutie.

Awww… I like being the kind of person who gets excited about the simple things. Kind of reminds me of this time from way back when.

Or maybe I just like food?

3) Today at lunch with the CA’s (and Domingo), I brought up an issue I’ve been having involving explanation points. For some reason this week, every time I’ve gone to write an exclamation point, my mind and hand work together to convert it to a question mark. So this week, instead of “Excellent job!” and “This is a great essay!” my kids have probably been wondering why the red markings on their homework say “Excellent job?” and “This is a great essay?” Totally changes the whole tone, doesn’t it? For some reason, this question mark/exclamation point mix-up happens to me once in awhile. I can’t control it. Do I have some form of punctuation dyslexia? I don’t know, but luckily I caught myself today before sending off a text to the OSF saying, “Can’t wait to see you tonight?”

4) Speaking of which… I’m still waiting to see him tonight. Boyfriend’s been working late. He’d better get here soon, though, because Sarah’s Birthday Part Two is happening in about sixteen minutes. Stinks not seeing him until late in the evening every day. But at least I’ve got some time to get through homework each day while I wait. (Always a silver lining. You just have to look for it.)

5) I was searching through my Pictures folder earlier for a specific picture from a few years ago… and ended up finding a whole bunch of pictures I’d almost forgotten about. I think I’m going to need to make a habit of pulling out those pictures and telling their stories before they’re completely forgotten in my mind, too.

So here’s my favorite I found today:

This was in March 2006. Mine and Sonia’s first spring living on our own. Mandy and I shared the right room, while Sonia had the left room to herself. This was the living room. And that’s me sitting on the floor about six inches from the TV. I’m not sure what happened. I think I was putting a DVD in the player and whatever was on TV caught my attention… so I sat back a minute to watch. And Sonia snuck up on me with my camera; she said I looked like a four-year-old who needed to be reminded that it’s bad for you to sit so close to the TV. 

I love this picture.

I love simple, every day, this-is-just-what-happened-to-be-going-on pictures.

I need to take more of those.


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