No Child Left Behind

My first assignment for Foundations of Education is an essay on the No Child Left Behind Act. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive my main textbook from an Amazon seller, so I’m stuck searching the internet for some clear definitions.

Sure, I can easily just read the law myself on the education website, but seriously, there’s a lot of legal-ese in there. I don’t have time to search through all that mumbo jumbo to figure out exactly what is mandated.

Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck finding a watered down version anywhere. You’d really think there’d be some kind of simple checklist or something for it. Number one: all students pass such and such test. Number two: All teachers pass such and such test before being credentialed. Number three: Here is how much money you will get for meeting these standards.

I mean, how are the rest of us supposed to figure it out?

So far, all I’ve gathered is stuff I already know. Teachers must be credentialed and show a mastery of a single subject. Standardized testing is how the feds determine if a school is up to par or not. The hard part is figuring out what the penalties are exactly.

If anyone has any suggestions of some good websites that can explain it all to me, please let me know. This is going to drive me crazy all night.


2 thoughts on “No Child Left Behind

  1. sarah b. March 3, 2010 / 1:46 am

    just so you know, real teachers don't even know this junk. be the student we DON'T want in class: skim the gist of it & move on to more important things in life!!

  2. thesmallblondeone March 4, 2010 / 2:17 am

    Thanks, teach!
    (I did find a 'For Parents' PDF which outlines the gist quite nicely.)

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