My internet has been very spotty for the last ten minutes…

So I had to go for some non-internet activities to keep me occupied. My time-wasting poison of choice lately has been pulling up Photoshop alongside my Photos folder, finding an old school picture, and messing around with textures, layers, and actions until I get something cool.

This picture came from the February 2009 folder. In fact, it was almost exactly a year ago today this was taken (this day was the 28th). I’ve realized, now that I’m not doing Picture of the Day this year, how fun it is to be able to go back exactly one year, and see what I was doing, or at least what I thought was interesting enough to take a picture of then.

I may be picking the project up again in March. I’m pretty dissatisfied with the lack of folders in my 2010 Pictures. I think there were only 4 days in January that I took any pictures at all.

The previous pictures of the OSF and I are from a spur of the moment, Hey! I need to get back in the habit again! He happened to have the most amazing light coming in through the window, and I started snapping pictures of him, then self-portraits of myself, which eventually led to cutesy couple pictures where only one of us is ever in focus each time.

But at least we’re making pictures. That’s all that really matters, right?

*Even if I’m the one who’s always blurry?

All right, now that this here internet is back up and working, I’m off to finish up some to-do’s for National.

* Story of my life


One thought on “My internet has been very spotty for the last ten minutes…

  1. Ry March 3, 2010 / 5:13 am

    I remember that beach day! That's awesome what you did to that picture.

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