Five on Friday

I know. Right after a Ten on Tuesday. Weird.

(Really, I just have a few things to mention that I don’t want to make into full-length blog posts.)

1) Got my hair cut and colored by the beautiful Jenafer yesterday. I LOVE talking with Jen while she cuts my hair. We’ve known each other since junior high (fifth grade for Jen), so it’s so great talking with someone about past stuff when they’ve actually been in your past. And of course she did a great job with my hair. I absolutely adore the cut, and she highlighted the heck out of it so I’m actually blonde (and not dirty blonde/light brown) again. Chris is very pleased as well.

2) I had the day off today, since the school gives us a four-day weekend in February, instead of two Monday holidays. Slept in until eleven, got my nails done (for the first time ever!), dropped off Zoey pictures at Justin and Jen’s house, and went to Joann’s before meeting the OSF back at his house. And at 7:30 we went to….

3) …my older sister’s beautiful new house. Some of you may not know I have an older sister: she’s a half (from my dad’s first marriage) who’s ten  years older than me. She and her husband Trevor just moved from their condo on a golf course in Dehesa to the new development of super nice houses on the hill overlooking the new 52/67 highway connector. Basically they’re up on a hill with an amazing view of El Cajon and Santee. They just got an adorably new puppy that she’s been texting pictures of to me. I’ve been looking forward to introducing Chris to the more “normal” members of my family, which is essentially Jacqui and Trevor. Tonight we went over for gluten-free brownies, beer (him) and pomegranate vodka (me) and hung out for awhile. So great to catch up with them. And now Chris knows that not all my family is crazy!

4) I started my new hours at the school on Wednesdsay. I go from mornings at the Woodman classroom (in South County) to the charter school headquarters up in Sorrento Mesa (just north of Miramar). Quite a difference. It only takes me about 20 minutes to get from one to the other on the 805, so it’s not that bad. The thing that sucks is getting back from Sorrento Mesa. I had anticipated some horrible traffic coming home that first day; I did not foresee a 45 minute wait to get the six blocks down Mira Mesa Blvd. back to the 805. Forty. Five. Minutes. And I hadn’t even gotten to the freeway yet. When we get back from Chris’ house this weekend, I’m hitting up the library for any book on CD that sounds good. Apparently I’m going to need a stock to keep in my car for my rides home.

5) I had a traumatic experience earlier today: I went to get my nails done with Jenna.

Disclaimer (and I know some of you people may be appalled by this): I had never gotten my nails done before today.

I’m okay with it. You should be too.

Anyway, all I wanted out of the experience was French tips on my fingernails and toenails. Through a lack of communication (they didn’t quite speak English most of the time) and a sudden influx of customers right when they started on Jenna and me, they somehow failed to give the French tips. And I, who had never done this before, just figured the tips went on at the end, so I was just waiting for them to do it. Until Jenna realized they should have done it first… so they ended up re-doing my fingernails (they look amazing, FYI, except I immediately chipped my right thumb polish trying to get my keys). I didn’t have the heart to ask them to redo my toenails since they had so many people in there at that point. 

So at least I know now. 

And really, the nail thing wasn’t for me; it was for the OSF. 

He likes when I get all “girled up.” 😉 


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