The funny for today…

So Chris overheard me leave a message at Making Memories, about my awesome wonderful beautiful amazing Slice die-cutting machine… that is suddenly not working properly. I had received a ticket number when I contacted them via the website a few weeks ago, but when I hadn’t heard anything, I went to check the status of the number, and it said the ticket number had been completed and closed. 

I was sad about this.

So I called and left them a message explaining the situation. And when I got off the phone, Chris piped up with this:

“You know, I bet it would be really great to work at a scrapbooking company.”

To which I replied, “RIGHT?! WOULDN’T IT?! IT’S MY DREAM!!!” Because, see, I didn’t realize his statement was a) facetious, and b) leading to something else.

He continues:

“Because all day long you’d get people calling with (switch to girl voice), “Um, hi! So sorry to bother you, and I hope you’re having a great day and all, but I have a problem with my scrapbooking machine, and, um, see it won’t cut out my star! And really, all I want is to go back to my scrapbooking! And I really, really love your products, so hopefully you can help me fix this star problem please?”

Touche, OSF. Touche.

But, um, seriously, Making Memories? If you end up reading this, I would really love it if I could cut things out again. Pretty please?


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