Poor OSF

His monitor just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to collapse on him today. There he was, just minding his own business, editing pictures of his super cute girlfriend, and BAM! That monitor got taken down

And then the poor guy had to think. How was he to make this new format work?

Could he some how fix the hinge on the back and call it a day?

Nope. For awhile he just went about his business, one hand holding the monitor up, and one hand operating the mouse as he continued his photo edits. Until I asked him how long he planned for that to continue.
Then I was rewarded with this look.

Meanwhile, as you can see, I was happily snapping away. Some day he’ll think this is a funny story, and he’ll be so delighted that I documented it. He’ll say, “Babe, you’re so amazing at keeping track of all the mundane yet comical moments of our life. And now I’m going to go out and buy you a brand new desktop computer, because you’re just that amazing!”

Yep. That’s what he will say.

Trust me. I know this guy.

Eventually he lay the monitor back down and just continued his work this way. He was clearly very dedicated to making this picture of me look amazing.

Poor monitor. Poor OSF. Poor me who had to search all of Fry’s for the only two Samsung monitors that the sales guy said were definitely in the store, just probably in someone’s cart.

But on a higher note, we did get to stop at the Corner Bakery in Mission Valley for dinner, and I discovered the amazingness of their chopped salad. So the day wasn’t a complete wash.


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