A track two kind of day

I know some of you are thinking, what? Track… 2? Not track 4 or 15, as is commonly posted by those in the know? 

Nope. Track 2.

Mama Who Bore Me was the appropriate song today, as I spent the hours of 3pm-4:30pm at the dentist, courtesy of a hereditarily bad relationship with my teeth. Thanks, mom!

(To be fair, I did get the super straight hair from my dad. But that doesn’t quite even out now, does it?)

I’m starting to regain feeling in my cheeks and lips now. Subsequent bad news: I am beginning to feel the ache in the tooth that was drilled. 😦 Looks like tonight will be a quiet Friday evening in with my laptop, season two of Lost, and a cute OSF who should be getting off work right about now.

That does make things a little better.


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