RIP, Kirsten

I just found out that the American Girl company has begun retiring dolls. Who do they think they are, Disney?!

So far, in a one year time span, two of the original three dolls have been locked “in the vault” along with all their accessories. In one year!


Can I just tell you, growing up, American Girl was it for me. I had my dolls, I had the books, I got a subscription every year for about seven years running… at Christmastime my grandma would give me the catalogue to go through and circle the things I wanted for the dolls.

I remember peeking under the tree one year, and carefully pulling the tape off one of my presents to see what it was– and was delighted to find the whole boxed set of Kirsten books. Of course, I was even more delighted when Christmas actually came and I discovered that my mom had been hiding my big present elsewhere (she may have been on to me): the actual Kristen doll. Which I loved. Dearly. A doll might not sound like a big deal, but at $94 each (confirmed on the new; surprisingly inflation is unknown to American Girl), you just didn’t get one every Christmas.

And, American Girl? I was sort of hoping on my own little girl someday finding a Kirsten doll under the tree? Yeah. You should feel bad.

In honor of Kirsten’s retirement, here are some pictures I found (stole) that encapsulate the joy of the Swedish immigrant doll from 1854.


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