Mandy Anne Cordelia gets married

Mandy is one of my favorite people, and roommate from 2005-2007. She is seriously the most awesome person you could possibly hope to meet. 

The ‘Anne Cordelia’ part is not actually her name. It’s a nickname given to her by the Master of Nicknames, Sonia-Monique-Saenz-Breuninger, and is a reference to Anne of Green Gables. Because Anne always wanted to be named something romantic like Cordelia, and Mandy always wanted to be just like Anne of Green Gables. So Mandy Anne Cordelia was born.

Over the years Mandy Anne, Sonia, and I have had many discussions about boys. From all the way back in the day to the Cobblestone apartment, when we stayed up late waiting for Sonia to get home from her first date with Paul Breuninger, to the Rancho apartment, when we all received copies of Captivating, to when we were no longer roommates and we were meeting at Starbucks at 9:30pm to hear all about this David guy from Minnesota. It’s been quite a ride.

Yesterday Mandy’s dream came true in the form of her wedding day. And the event was pretty true to who Mandy is: orange accent sashes on the bridesmaids, Indonesidan food, a letting-the-bird-fly-out-of-a-wicker-basket-while-carrying-a-spear-for-show tradition, the father/daughter dance where both Mandy and her dad were attempting jump skips, and, after the final song, when everyone stood in a circle around them, Mandy announcing, “We did it! It’s over, and it was awesome, right?”

I love Mandy.

It was hard to get a good shot at the wedding, so I’ve only got this one: the triumphant “We did it!” before walking down the aisle.

And I managed to catch warrior-Mandy out in the foyer, pre-bird tossing. I didn’t get to ask what tradition this is, but you should all know that Mandy grew up as a MK in Indonesia. So maybe that’s where they carry spears and throw birds from baskets after a wedding? Anyone Indonesian out there who can clear this up?

And then we’re on to the reception. Chris and I sat at a table with Sonia and Paul, Jenna and Mallory, Dr. White (our English professor in college) and his wife, and Glen and Ashley (from camp).

And my baby sister was there! Now that she’s all grown up, she keeps getting invited to the same events as me. Which will be a little weird when those events become bachelorette parties (her best friend was at Mandy’s!), but for now it’s just weddings and New Year’s parties, so it’s cool. She and the rest of the girls in Mandy’s small group were helping out as servers all night. And then she got down and boogied like the fresh-faced college student she is. 😉

Mandy’s wedding cake, which she described on Wednesday as, “The cutest thing you’ll ever see- it’s got elephants!”

I would’ve thought for sure that at Mandy’s wedding there would be some cake smushing, but nope. Tame as always. When is someone really going to get into it at their wedding?

The garter! They played Mission Impossible while David “searched.”

The girls weren’t so into catching the bouquet (which Mandy threw directly to her sister! Rigged!) But the boys? They were out for blood.

And then the dancing got crazy!

One of the bridemaid’s bouquets.

At the end of the night, for the last song, we were asked to gather in a circle and hold hands while David and Mandy danced. (That’s my sister on the left. She’s always on the lookout for me pointing my camera at her.)

Crazy Mandy running around the circle for high fives. David’s just along for the ride. 

The last dance. Pure joy.

And the only picture I got of Chris and me all night. Sonia snapped this while we waited for Mandy and David to make their run for the parking lot. The OSF looks so good in dress clothes.

And the final picture, what would be my picture of the day if I was continuing it in 2010 (haven’t decided yet). Our official roommates-at-a-wedding picture. Three down, two to go. Who’s going to be next, Jordan or Jenna? 😉


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