Final pictures

365 days.
365 pictures.
Only a couple of cheats. 😉

Here are the final pictures of December:

Mandy, enjoying her bachelorette party cupcake.

One of the notes I leave in the OSF’s clothes, for him to find as a surprise. Sadly, he didn’t find this one before he washed the shirt it was hiding in.

The loot had to be brought home in boxes. 🙂 “Santa” was very good to us this year.

The day after Christmas at the T’s house. Just a nice, quiet morning.

Christmas day, mid-present opening.

Late night Christmas candlelight service.

Sarah’s headshot.

Playing with self-portraits.

Co-workers at our Christmas bowling extravaganza.

Fluffy socks from Jen.

Roommate Christmas presents.

Last week of school: Brittany’s workshop on factories in the Industrial age was a hit. Here our kids at the “coloring table” crack up as a new “manager,” willing to work for just ten cents an hour, is appointed head of our paper snowman factory.

And as they say in showbiz, that’s a wrap!


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