For Mrs. T.: the first recipe

For Christmas, Chris’ parents got me a special cookbook, so they can make sure I keep their son well fed. 😉

While we were up at their house over the weekend, Chris, Bethany (who also got one), and I pored over the recipes to choose our first few to try out. We chose three: a fish meal, a steak meal, and a pad thai (I’m not sure how to spell that?) meal. As soon as we got home, we made a list for all three dishes and headed to Vons to collect the necessary ingredients.

And on Monday we made our first feast: Ahi tuna skewers with vegetable rice. I don’t have the book with me to follow the steps here, but here’s the bundle of pictures from that night.

Oh, and a special drink to make making dinner more fun: the Kamikaze!


One thought on “For Mrs. T.: the first recipe

  1. Anonymous January 13, 2010 / 4:10 am

    Thanks Jordan. Those pictures make me want to go buy one of those cookbooks for myself but Mr. T just reminded me that my b-day is coming up…….Must be a clue! Anyhow, congratulations on the successful dinners. I am sure that Chris appreciates the home-cooked meals. Mrs.T

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