December Staycation: Day Four!

Disneyland day! With the Trementozzi siblings! Because Sarah has a pass now! Woot!

Oh, snap. Those are fighting faces right there.
I’m sad to report that the OSF did beat me again, fairly and squarely, for the second time now. Though not by much, he has to admit.

We played around in Innoventions for the first time in awhile. They have this new exhibit about the house of the future. Basically it’s freaking rad. Bedroom walls are made of panels that you can change like desktop backgrounds, so you can remodel your room at any time. You can control the lights, temperature, and even the theme of the room.

There was also a mirror that converted you into video:

Crazy technology.

This is me, outside the Toy Story ride. Which Chris also won, and I came… not as close to.

Space Mountain = best picture idea in awhile: Sarah and I strangle Chris while he pulls the “Captain Holz.” (See Day Two for inspiration.) Seriously, we had people commenting on our pose out at the TV sets where they show the pictures.

This is what I did while Chris and Sarah rode the roller coaster.

We also rode the Tower, Chris’ favorite, and I even kept my eyes open! Well, for most of it. I saw the view. And the plummeting cage we were in. I can’t handle going up though.

Disneyland is beautiful during Christmas time of course. 

We were all zonked after the Haunted Mansion, and ended up leaving just before the fireworks to drop Sarah off in Lake Forest, and then head home ourselves. And thus ended the four-day December Staycation of the OSF’s.

One thought on “December Staycation: Day Four!

  1. Melody Holz March 31, 2010 / 2:35 pm

    don't know if you'll get this, because it's an old post. but i found your blog via facebook via status updates….went browsing…then found the apparently now-famous “CAPTAIN HOLZ”! hahahahha! i am alone right now, and SERIOUSLY just laughed out loud. I mean, you could totally just be making fun of him….which is allowed and everything, but you should bring out the “captain holz” in his presence, and see what he does! hahahahhahaaaaa!

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