December Staycation: Day Two

We saw crazy seahorses on day two.

Disclaimer: This is not my picture. But I saw this seahorse at the Birch Aquarium. But I didn’t take my camera with me that day– it was too rainy.

Kind of regretting it now, because there were some crazy seahorses there.

And Chris found out that seahorses are the only known animals where the guy gets to carry the babies. (He was also a bit alarmed, I think, from a video of the birth process. Ah, science.)

This is the seahorse species whose sign read something to the effect of: “It is still unknown how the egg is fertilized in the male.” To which Chris then asked, “What, do the seahorses keep going behind a rock or something?” Then he laughed, like, ‘how ridiculous are these scientists, anyway?’ And so I had to follow up with an awkward birds and the bees of the sea sort of conversation on his behalf. Yay, science.

After running some errands (CVS, Joann’s, and Justin and Jen’s house) we headed down to Chula Vista for Chris’ friend’s church play. I think I’ve mentioned before that Chris’ best friends are all named Chris; this is the other Chris who lives down here with us, the one who just had a beautiful baby that I took pictures of

Anyway, so this particular Chris, Chris Holz, happened to be the Captain/store owner in the Christmas play. And let’s just say, he was very amusing in his role. 

(Check in for Day 4, when Chris gets his Space Mountain picture pose inspiration from Captain Chris Holz!)


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