December Staycation: Day One

Let me tell you a little something about the OSF: He is a list-maker.

He loves him some lists. 

Also schedules.

And so, when presented with four whole days to fill for our staycation, he took out a single sheet of lined paper and made a schedule of our weekend.

Everything from addresses to exact times to notes about what to do while at each place. 

I like that OSF. 🙂

Well, as you’ll no doubt read on his blog, the Mexican lunch we had was not up to par. However, the place had excellent light, and I got this great picture…

… which he and Sarah feel is his, “I’m about to go out and kill someone” look. But I think it’s cute. Any outside comments? Is this serial killer or hot guy headshot?

This is an Indian.

We roamed around for awhile, ducking into the little stores of little knick knacks (and Beanie Babies!) until five o’clock began to creep up on us. As anyone who’s ever visited Julian knows, the town closes at five. As in, you can’t even pump gas past five. 

Famous Julian Pie was on our list, so we ducked into the Famous Julian Pie place for a slice. I had the cherry apple with a scoop of vanilla that was really good. Chris got some cider that he loved, but he wasn’t so much
of the pie.



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