Oh, snap!

December just does not give me enough time to sit down and write about what I’ve been doing. Bad, December! Bad, for being so busy and hectic for the first half of this month!

But today is my first official day of holiday vacation. To celebrate, the OSF and I went to lunch at Olive Garden, ran some errands, and are now sitting at our respective computers, editing our respective pictures, and finally updating our respective blogs. 

And since I’m not quite done with the photos from our fun mini-vacation last weekend, here’s the pictures of the day that came before the weekend:

#336: A polar bear cookie from Starbucks. Brittany’s teacher at work, Dave, has been winning big at Barona lately and, generous guy that he is, has been treating us to Starbucks, Little Caesars, and even the Filipino place nearby. And one day he brought back these adorable cookies along with our hot cocoas.

#337: Reason #68 to love the OSF: He has his own hot glue gun. He also really likes cardboard. Since his Secret Santa gift for work didn’t arrive in time, he created his own replica DVD to give to his co-worker to hold her over until the actual DVD arrived. Who thinks of something like that? The OSF, that’s who!

#338: I got to go meet Chris’ co-workers for their awesome Christmas party two Fridays ago. They had it at the Stone Brewery, with a tour of the factory and everything. The tour guy was funny, and even took us into the warehouse freezer. After the tour, we had appetizers outside in this cute little lounge area, and then back upstairs for our three course dinner (yeah, salmon). 

It was pretty dark the whole time we were outside, so my only picture is of Chris at the dinner table (in his cute vest!).

#340: The White Demon strikes again! The car window decided to give up altogether the week before we had that torrential storm, so the OSF spent some time using cardboard and wires to keep the window up. Despite his valiant efforts, the window still slid down again the next day, so now I’m one of those people who drive around with a taped up window. Oh, well. I did grow up in East County after all.

#341: Kristen, with Cuddles the Dog, at one of our TV Mondays. This was the night that no new shows were on and we began watching Love Actually. Also, I was yelled at for being on my laptop during our movie time. I didn’t care though; I successfully emptied the 200+ emails in my inbox. Check that off my to-do list!


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