Bennett | 1 Month

Oh boy.

Talk about a heartbreaker. 

I mean, look at those eyes!

This kid is going to be smart, I’m pretty sure. Only one month old, and he followed my camera around the entire time. Since when are one-month-olds that alert? 

He’s just so cute, I can’t stand it!

Thanks to Mel and Chris Holz (my Chris’ best friend from elementary and high school) for making a little cutie pie, and then letting me play photo shoot with him! Also for totally getting into the whole thing, including the Naked Baby (a necessity for any newborn photo shoot, obviously) and dashing off to find props which included a pencil and a violin. Loved hanging out with them and Bennett!

Also: Congratulations Chris Holz for getting the OSF over his anti-baby-holding stance. Turns out all you have to do is surprise him by immediately handing him a swaddled child the second he walks in the door. With no time to react, he just accepts the bundle.

He looks good with a kid, doesn’t he?

Don’t worry, OSF, I know, I know: “Don’t get any ideas.”

I’m just saying.

You know. Maybe for later

Way later.

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