I feel that with my new methodology, the timeline of the last month has been thrown off. So I’m here today to bring everyone up to speed on the goings-on of mid-October to now-November. I’m just going to start from where I left off on POTD #285:

This picture came right after this one:

I was trying to get a good picture of Chris’ little work station he set up for a TV Monday night as his place. The rest of us were squeezed onto the couch and a couple of chairs in the living room, but Chris needed some more space to do his farming. (See Facebook: Farmville.)

And somewhere in between clicking this picture, checking it, and setting up for another shot, he bounded up the stairs in sneak attack style. 

It was a good sneak attack.

Hence the blurred picture of the day. I felt it told the story better than the first one.

I also scrapbooked somewhere around this time. Must’ve been a Wednesday when Chris was at golf.

Yep, it was definitely a Wednesday, because here’s the beautiful quesadilla I made him for dinner that night:

(I’m getting good at this cooking nonsense.)

Let’s see. Friday night was Wii night at Ryan’s house, preceded by a trip to the Studio Diner for dinner. Went against my better judgment and got buffalo wings instead of the wonderful breakfast I had last time. They were good, but when Britt and Ryan’s breakfasts came out, I’ll admit it I was coveting their toast and eggs. Mmmm… toast and eggs… Studio Diner….

Back on the farm (I mean Ryan’s apartment), Ryan had lain out four controllers and nunchucks across the coffee table. We played his new game, Rabid Rabbids (which some may remember from last year’s birthday party) and had some wine and mixed drinks. Muy fun.

That Sunday was the Christmas Announcement Party. 

What? I haven’t written the blog about the Christmas Announcement Party yet? I could’ve sworn I did… oh. Turns out I only uploaded the pictures and forgot about it! Blog to come soon. Blog now here!

Some more POTD’s…


Whoo, this is getting long. Part two coming up soon!

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