"Nobody likes you, Everyone left you…

… they’re all out without you…

Such a mocking song… that was in American Idiot the Musical!

Saturday of our musical road trip extravaganza, we woke up, checked Ryan’s computer for directions to our next adventure, and packed up and piled in the cars to head to Berkeley, California. 

Berkeley is really cute. I kind of wish I’d gone to college there. Just for the cute town.

American Idiot was play at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, a really awesome, very modern looking, theater along a whole row of theaters just down the street from the university.

In the spirit of my OSF Chris, who steals nearly all of his demonstrative pictures from online (or from me), here’s a pic of the Berkeley Rep I found online: 

We were sitting on the closest side, but it’s mirrored from the side you can see here. Chris and I were seated in that first “balcony” on stage left, and the others were seated front row underneath us. The theater overall is very small, so we would have had good views from nearly anywhere. 

Outside the theater, we wait for the show to start. Chris flashes our tickets:

We pose at the sign.

All right, here’s some more Chris-style (aka, not mine) pictures of the actual show:

This one’s mine! I am the queen camera smuggler! Well, only at final bows when the ushers aren’t watching anymore.

And the OSF, as he waits for Ryan and I to have our fill of talking with John! Gallagher! Jr.!

2 thoughts on “"Nobody likes you, Everyone left you…

  1. Ry November 13, 2009 / 7:18 am

    Oh, and thanks for the pics. As always, I steal them.

  2. Ry November 13, 2009 / 7:18 am

    Let's all go to NYC when the show moves over there, yeah!!!

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