I heart Olive Garden

A lot.

Mostly because I think their chicken gnocchi soup is amazing. And the salad’s pretty good. And the breadsticks… mmm, the breadsticks. And basically any deal where they just keep bringing me food as long as I ask for more is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Tonight I had two bowls of soup, four bowls of salad, and three breadsticks. And, since my friend Chrissy was our waitress, I came home with two more breadsticks and a third helping of soup. (Which I’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow.)

Chris does not like Olive Garden, despite his Italian roots. So, even though I bring up the idea of going to Olive Garden at least once a week (and sometimes seven or eight times), he never says yes. Until tonight.

What made tonight different? I’m not sure. (Chris said something about having a happy girlfriend, or blah blah blah.) But for whatever reason Chris decided that tonight would be the one in ten thousandth time he would actually say yes. And so I got about 500 calories of warm soup belly for dinner tonight.

Thanks, boyfriend! You’re the best Olive Garden-hating boyfriend a girl could ask for!


One thought on “I heart Olive Garden

  1. Jessica October 24, 2009 / 8:24 pm

    I hate to tell you this, but you got WAAAY more than 500 calories in ya.

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